This Wi-Fi-Connected Toilet Can Be Flushed By Voice Commands

It can also automatically heat the lid as you approach. ?


You might have heard that fecal matter gets projected up to 15 feet in the air when you flush the toilet. Well, now you can be safely out of range.

That’s because a Wisconsin-based company just released a toilet that flushes by voice command, meaning you can be safely back on the couch (or in bed) before you order it to flush.

Heated seats, anyone?

Posted by Dose on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

You can operate Kohler’s new toilet, the “Numi,” in other ways, too. The classy commode is equipped with motion sensors. Why is that cool? It means the toilet can automatically lower or raise the lid as you approach. The Numi also has a built-in seat-heater that can be automatically activated as you stumble towards the john on cold nights. Now that’s pretty nifty.

Time for the bad news: the Numi’s connected to the internet. On the one hand, that’s good—you can flush using a mobile app. You can stream music while you pee (the Numi has built-in speakers). So, okay. Neat.

But do we really need to be connected to the internet while we’re going number 2? Isn’t it nice to have some places that are out of the reach of digital networks? To me, the answer is yes. But maybe you disagree and want to be able to listen to your favorite tunes while doing your business.

Instead of making it WiFi-enabled, maybe Kohler could get it to light a match after it flushes. Now that would be useful.

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