Top 10 Amazing (Somewhat Terrifying) Facts about AI

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Artificial Intelligence (or AI) got its start in 1950, when computer pioneer Alan Turing introduced the Turing test in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.” The test involves a judge who must communicate with two participants in two different rooms. In one room is a machine, and in the other is a real person. The judge is then supposed to ask each participant questions and figure out which one is the machine. If the judge picks the person less than 50 percent of the time, the machine would be considered “intelligent.” Since Turing’s initial theory, there’s been a steady march to create thinking machines. In the past couple decades, there’s been enormous progress in this field, but we have to ask: is that necessarily a good thing? Here are some interesting AI facts – some of which are a little…troubling.

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  1. Everyone have their own opinion regarding AI, some say they are beneficial for the society in various ways such as economics and technical topics like verification, validity, security and control. While some say they aren't beneficial but dangerous. Great video though!

  2. Throughout history people have lived in fear of the new and groundbreaking. It is human nature to fear the unknown. However AI plays out, I am quite sure that by the time we get to the crossroad where AI outperforms a human minds ability to cognate there will be some very hard coded rules that will prevent it from attacking humanity. Like we have our primal or instinctual nature, AI will have something too in that area. Well, at least I hope so lol.

  3. I didn't have any reservations regarding Terminators, The MATRIX on the other hand was a bit out there, IMO. But if life imitates art anything is possible. We now have Bluetooth Star Trek Communicators and the cost $149.00 and they actually work. The Flip Phones, and so on and so forth. So The MATRIX isn't so much of a threat. Something that I will share with my daughter.

  4. The idea that the Earth will get so heavily populated only the rich will be able to afford pets is an absurdity. Even assuming each person needs 3 acres of land area, there's enough space on Earth to support a population of 42 billion.

  5. No matter how smart the computer will become, it will, and always will, ONLY do what it is programmed to do. If the creator of a particular robot, as in iRobot, Eagle eye, etc, the output of the AI is purposely connected to the actuators of the robot (it's arms, wheels, screen, whatever). In iRobot the designer asked the really, really, really idiot question: "How is it that the robots group together? (the scene where they are stored in shipping containers). So, being the designer of the dumb things, he obviously programmed them to respond that way! The propaganda that AI could kill off humans, are purposely propagated, for the simple reason, it will be white collar crime. They plan to build the robots to be murderers, as in iRobot where the robots where designed to become evil when they turn red. Yes it's a movie. Yes people will become to believe that. Yes, the mainstream dictators do plan to use that,for the simple reason, that, they acknowledge the danger, so, why do those idiots refuse to take control over the situation? Because people like Tedd Turner, CEO of CNN, says that 95% of humanity mus be reduced, killed off, slaughtered, to maintain a global population of under 500'000 people, of which we are currently about 7'000'000'000 (7 billion) people who will fit into Jacksonville, Florida (twice!) and in Gauteng, South Africa (twice!). You the reader of this, unless you die before the let the robots out on a killing spree, is already marked to be killed off by a robot. The whole purpose of the advancement of AI is for one purpose only, to serve the ruler of the one world government that is very soon. The movies are just a means to make you more open to what the robots will be doing. Remember, a robot, AI or otherwise, can and will only do what it's designer wants it to do! It's that simple. If you want it to be a human-killing-machine, then it will be just that. If you want it to be a human-body-gaurd to protect humans, then it will be just that. If it ever chooses to be evil, then it's because it is designed to choose that…. An AI to play chess, is designed to play chess, it can not choose to play checkers in stead. It can't be angry because it lost a game. Neither can it be happy. It must be programmed to respond to the former "emotions". To end off. a robot can only do what it is programmed to do, even if it uses AI.

  6. Humans will eventually create cybernetic implants to increase are processing capacity making us more on par with a machine.

    Also machines would still need a huge army to defeat humanity, you cant access nuclear weapons from the internet and their is no reason to assume we will give any AI access to any military weaponry (like in the terminator movies) and would be protected from outside cyber attacks.

    So to attack humanity it would need a chance at a decisive victory which we wont give it, and any AI making an attack on humans would then have all of humanity turning on it. also their is the issue human manage all the power plants which it will need to survive.

  7. so if AI can learn from other people and using resources other than a forced learning environment then why do we send children to school if humans can learn exactly the same way but our only limit is forgetting information then with that in mind why are we forced to go to school if we will forget all of the information that is useless that they do teach us, if robots get rights i better see 6 year olds allowed to drive otherwise that is worse kind of crime that can happen to humanity if we treat robots better than our children

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