Top 10 Movies That You Have To Watch Twice

Join as we count down the top 10 movies that you have to watch twice. Special thanks to our users “SaintRage27”, “Justin Kennon” and “feiy06” for submitting the idea for this video at our page!

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  1. I can proudly say that I didn't have to watch Memento and Inception twice. I found Donnie Darko much more difficult to understand the first time than Memento. Of course Memento is also very complex. I was thinking about that movie for like almost a day after watching it but I didn't have to rewatch it. Donnie Darko I had to rewatch though. I think it should be put on the first place rather than Memento

  2. I nailed Fight Club in the first five minutes and a friend refused to ever watch a movie with me ever again. He'd already seen it. Also, a fun, lightweight "watch it twice" movie is Dead Again with Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson. Fun little flick.

  3. The reason to watch Fight Club twice is not the one cited here. The narrator says in the opening scene, “I know this because Tyler Durden knows this.” He TELLS us they have one brain, and it’s easy to tell which character is fantasy. BUT considering the film explores the definition of masculinity in postmodern culture, view again with the possibility that Marla is ALSO an alter. It brings up some interesting points about dealing with the androgynous aspects of every human psyche.

  4. To be honest, I didn't know anything about twist in the sixth sense but my guess was right. The hints of the twist are already obvious. Recently watched Donnie Darko tho, it's a good film. At first I thought he was just a teenager that has schizophrenia but the ending explains it all.

  5. How could you not have on this list, The Fountain?  Well honestly it took 3 veiwings to finally fully grasp and 4 to fully appreciate the movie. taking past present & future to a whole nother level….very non linear.. this one should've been #1 on the list (my opinion)

  6. I'm not surprised to find Momento on this list, but the funny thing is, I've only seen it once and I pretty much understood it without a second viewing. But I'll watch it again at some point because it's a great, twisty film and I really liked the lead actor.

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