Top 10 Vegan YouTubers

Top 10 Vegan YouTubers

What is veganism? Which Vegan YouTubers are the best? Will it be the controversial Freelee the Banana Girl, the raw food diet advocate FullyRawKristina, the vegan bodybuider VeganGains, find out as WatchMojo counts down the very best vegan channels YouTube has to offer.

00:41 #10. NaturallyStefanie
01:48 #9. Bite Size Vegan
03:13 #8. Mango Island Mamma
04:24 #7. Bonnyrebecca
05:28 #6. The Vegan Corner
06:39 #5. hot for food
07:48 #4. Niomi Smart
09:08 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. Ive noticed alot of judgement herein and i never watch or support someone who gossips about others in their field but my beleif is that the bible says not to make people who eat meat or have less restrictions feel uncomfortable because its ok to eat meat. It is better to eat free range or grass fed because many do torture their livestock. I just went vegan but i only make choices for myself. Beware of judgment because you will be judged with equel measure.

  2. I'm amazed at the stupidity of a lot of comments below , the hatred towards vegans is beyond comprehension , I am an almost 60 year old man and started a vegan lifestyle 5 months ago after a lifetime of consuming meat , fish , dairy and copious amounts of drugs like cigarettes , alcohol and less damaging cannabis at a young age ( not a problem except with police ! , lsd the same , heroin a drug I never injected but always smoked which is less dangerous than injecting but beer and fags are the drugs that caused disease – and meat and cheese off course but I was able to put a halt to the lung disease caused by fags , the dry skin and depression caused by dairy , the only disease I haven't conquered yet is mania but have it under control , I was able to throw all my medicines in the rubbish , I+ am healed !

  3. People need to keep their since of humor when they go vegan, I lost mine for a bit, but seriously some people get offended no matter what side they're on. Raw vegans are the most humorous in my opinion, they can take a joke any day. Wish I could eat all raw I need to move closer to the tropics, then I could hack it.

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