Top 20 Movies Every Film Fan Must See – Collider Video

The team at Collider Video runs down what they consider to be the top 20 movies every film fan must add to their repertoire. Make sure to watch the video and let us know what other films you’d put on the list if you could. Enjoy!

20: Lion King
19: Citizen Kane
18: Goodfellas
17: The Usual Suspects
16: Die Hard
15: The Dark Knight
14: Apocalypse Now
13: Fight Club
12: Braveheart
11: Back To The Future
10: Lord of the Rings
9: Godfather I & II
8: Lawrence of Arabia
7: Raiders of the Lost Ark
6: Taxi Driver
5: The Shawshank Redemption
4: Seven Samurai
3: The Matrix
2: Unforgiven
1: Star Wars Trilogy

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  1. This list is pretty lame. Yes, there are a lot of classics on here, but you guys pretty much excluded the golden age of Hollywood and foreign films. Is The Matrix really more important than Casablanca and Vertigo? I also wouldn't say Star Wars would the movie every fan needs to see, I'd save that for Godfather or Citizen Kane.

  2. Here are some franchise you MUST WATCH!
    Harry Potter
    Star Wars
    Lord of the rings and hobbit
    Fast and furious
    All Pixar and dream works movies
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The dark knight trilogy
    Daniel Craig's JB
    Matt Damon's JB
    The expendable
    The purge
    These are all franchises and there are many standalone films and tv shows but at the end of the day
    Watch whatever the fuck you want!

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