Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Eat Eggs

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Eat Eggs…And What I Eat Instead! Learn the secrets behind why eggs are bad for you, how they effect your health, and more. Watch & Share!

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  1. From my point of view, eggs are the one and only "superfood" which comes from animals. It is full of b-vitamins. It is probably a lil bit harder to get the vitamin b-complex, biotin and zinc as well from a raw vegan nutrition if you re on 80/10/10 without any nuts or seeds. You have to eat "tons" of leafy greens.
    But oc on the other hand there is the ethically aspect but i think eggs are (coming from ethical and environmental aspect) most likely justifiable animal product. I really love your nutrition style, but if you re living in a northern area, it is hard and unfortunately expensive to get that amount and quality of fresh and organic food :(.

    Btw. what do u (and also the others) think about frozen food? Does it make a huge different? I mean, most frozen vegetables and fruits have more nutrients than the fresh version and are much cheaper…

  2. Hey more power to those who want to eat just fruits, veggies, etc…. but the meat/egg thing is a tired argument. People who eat a steady diet of meat/eggs are healthy and live long in their years just like vegans. Hell people who eat horribly can live long lives, yet in the end we all return to dust. Vegans don't outlive meat eaters, so it comes down to personal choice…eat how YOU desire…just workout or be active for goodness sake!

  3. I love the information you provide but honestly I started watching because you're absolutely lovely. This video is no exception. Great information to be considered and once again your radiant natural beauty is nothing short of beautiful. 😍

  4. Where do you get your b-12 because I was getting virtually none unless it was from meat analogous which I don't get too often or breakfast cereal. I have been thinking of getting supplements but what do you do for your b-12?

  5. The belief that saturated fat is unhealthy is a misnomer. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and studies from Papua New Guiinea -where coconuts are consumed daily – have virtually no cardiovascular disease!

  6. Regular vegan BS propaganda))) There are folks who have been eating eggs and practicing healthy life in general live long enough that any vegan can envy. There are tons of studies show that eggs are healthy especially modern ones. In the past studies indeed said eggs are not good but they were probably poorly researched, and you probably citing those. Try to consume eggs it helps brain function well and boosts logical thinking)))

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