#TrumpsBodyCount pins blame on Trump for mass shooting and migrant deaths


The hashtag #TrumpsBodyCount is trending amid debates about President Donald Trump retweeting a conspiracy theory about the Clintons offing political enemies.

The trending phrase references another hashtag, #ClintonsBodyCount. This hashtag has been used to discuss the conspiracy theory that former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are responsible for killing people who could harm their political reputation.

On Saturday, Trump breathed life into the conspiracy theory by retweeting a tweet from conservative commentator Terrence K. Williams. In the video attached to the tweet, Williams details how he thinks the Clintons are responsible for the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein, an accused sex trafficker and former financier who was part of an elite circle that included both Trump and Clinton.

Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen#JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s deadI see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised#EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily

— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) August 10, 2019

Epstein was found dead Saturday in his jail cell, where he was awaiting trial. Officials said Epstein died by suicide, although he was supposed to be on suicide watch after a recent suicide attempt.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Epstein did not die by suicide. They believe he was instead killed for having incriminating information about powerful people, including Bill Clinton. (Epstein allegedly kept blackmail videos of high-profile elites.)

In response to the conspiracy theories about the Clintons, people started using the hashtag #TrumpsBodyCount to bring up cases where they feel like Trump was responsible for deaths. Some social media users referenced tragedies like migrants dying in detention centers and mass shooting victims.

About 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico.I'm declaring daddy the winner.#TrumpsBodyCount

— The Tweetwit 🆘 (@TheTweetwit) August 11, 2019

As Jared Kushner Still Fails To Hold MBS Responsible, Jamal Khashoggi Remains Near Top Of 10 Most Urgent Press Freedom Cases #TrumpsBodyCount

— Rich Shaffer (@RichShaffer108) August 11, 2019

#trumpsbodycount 7 immigrant toddlers, countless immegrant adults, 19 in Philadelphia Synagogue, 9 in CA, 1 in Charlottesville, 22 in ElPaso.

— Nostradamus (@Nostrad00054722) August 11, 2019

I think the mass shooting could easily fit into #TrumpsBodyCount

— Joanne Martin (@be11a102) August 11, 2019

Just want to make sure we include the 3,000 dead American victims of Hurricane Maria in #TrumpsBodyCount.

— Patrick S. Tomlinson (@stealthygeek) August 11, 2019

Where to start? Victims of the mass shootings that he has inspired; The children and adults who have died in ICE custody; Those who can't afford medical treatment because of his attacks on Obamacare. #TrumpsBodyCount

— Mark Klapper (@MarkKlapper) August 11, 2019

Puerto Rico. Immigrants. Kids in cages. Jamal Khashoggi. White supremacist terrorists. School shootings. Police killing minorities. Every single thing listed above has been enabled and okayed by a racist man named Donald Fucking Trump.#TrumpsBodyCount

— dylan🇺🇸 (@dylanmsmitty) August 11, 2019

Others are even using the hashtag to tweet conspiracy theories that Trump is tied to Epstein’s death–not the Clintons.

@realDonaldTrump own it!FACT: 2016 a woman alleged Donald Trump raped her @ age 13. She also alleged a witness. That witness=Jeffrey Epstein.FACT: Jeffrey Epstein died in a Federal prison under the exclusive jurisdiction and control of Trump's Administration.#TrumpsBodyCount

— Barbara (@tank_girl17) August 11, 2019

Trump is pure projection. If Trump accuses someone of something, you can take it to the bank that he's doing that very thing himself. Bigly.So when Trump retweets some moron blaming the Clintons for Epstein's 'suicide'… It's practically a confession.#TrumpBodyCount #AMJoy

— Ron Asher (@rmasher2) August 11, 2019

Meanwhile, some are using both hashtags to bring up issues outside of the conspiracy theories.

“The rival #TrumpBodyCount and #ClintonBodyCount tags are almost ludicrously depressing… the US public reduced to picking a corrupt elite ‘team’ to ‘root for’ in the death of a wealthy sex trafficker,” Talia Lavin wrote.

the rival #TrumpBodyCount and #ClintonBodyCount tags are almost ludicrously depressing… the US public reduced to picking a corrupt elite “team” to “root for” in the death of a wealthy sex trafficker

— Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) August 10, 2019


Trump retweets Jeffrey Epstein death conspiracy theory
Conspiracy theorists point to Jeffrey Epstein’s ear as proof of faked suicide
Conspiracy theories swirl after Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide

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