Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Its Future | Neil Nie | TEDxDeerfield

Neil Nie demonstrates how artificial intelligence–and particularly, object recognition–works… and how it will effect the future.

Neil Nie is a computer science student at Deerfield Academy. He started programming when he was 13 and has developed many applications for iPhones and Macs. Neil currently has several apps on the App Store and is researching neural networks and machine learning.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Human brain do have the influence of star sun . Which is very powerfull.this sun influence was used to develop technology called brain, so can AI really reach 6 th sense which is some humans special gift. There was accident two days ago a tree fall on car people's dead. I was thinking it is about to happen before it happened. So in general I would say AI is help full to brain, but never will be brain I fear this. But AI can help us physically mentally financially. But cannot lead with out human love. Also We can't live with out AI 🙂 my bank account number is SBI India 20042461522 branch "taliparamba"

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  2. Would be more pertinent to understand man's intelligence and it's future in the face of A.I. Humans and intelligent robots are incompatible, one species logical…the other unfathomable. We will be the instrument of our own demise.

  3. To all the people concerned about the dangers of AI, Well honestly AI can never outsmart Humans. Humans aren't one dimensional beings that take decisions on calculations, we have emotions driven by hormones and a Brain that has been evolving for about a million years. AI may outsmart Humans in calculation but they'll mostly lack the complexity of a Human mind. Also the complex concept of "hurting" others, the importance and worth of life or becoming the superior one are concept of the Human brain especially of the males' infatuated with testosterone thus it may not be possible for an AI to comprehend these concepts in totality and equally as complexly. Thus, a complete Humanoid AI is almost impossible due to the extreme energies that'd be required and the size of this intelligence may just not be feasible.

  4. Is Artificial intelligence making me see this video ? Is it reading my mind more than I can? Will there be any cognition left in human after this super cognition start over taking our cognitive intelligence? Is Artificial intelligence learning from this
    question too?

  5. People who understand their own intelligence and how it's used in a society are the "charge carriers", because useful knowledge is power, by which practically all applications are now done more efficiently, safely and effectively with "machine tools". People programmed like robots to dehumanize other people are, and always have been, the most dangerous threat to organized civilization. "Robot" means worker?

  6. Good breakdown of AI and machine learning. AI will has a lot of adoption issues to go through but it will be a standard part of all of our lives in the future. One thing to consider is AI will empower further power to those who use it, and to say it will not replace humans, I think there isn't much data to ever back that statement of reassurance up other than humans think they are valuable and useful and will always remain that way because we think so. The fact is there will be significant negative impact on society due to greed and power and the misuse of AI. It is simply more cost effective than humans in millions of jobs. Problem is profits stop when people don't have work to buy things from companies leveraging AI over human resources. Cool but scary technology.

  7. How do we know that this speaker is not already being an "AI"-prototype under the process of testing? He sure did a lot of convincing us to welcome "AI" technology with open arms. In my opinion, anyone who doesn't questions the safety of "AI" is should be considered a possibility of "AI" !!!

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