Vegan For 30 Days • The Test Friends

“What am I gonna do with tofu?!”

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Advance At Dawn
Round And Round
Read My Lips
Real Good
Luxe For Life
She’s Looking At Me
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Lauren Cornell, MS, RD


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  1. I’m a vegetarian that’s slowly transforming into a vegan. I have to say that I feel like they didn’t really give this a good shake. There are TONS of delicious dishes and substitutes you can use. It really isn’t that restrictive once you get accustomed 😊

  2. Throwback to the days when BuzzFeed threw their staff under the bus in challenge videos 😂

    So glad they at least ATTEMPT to help them succeed! They should've made them go to Caroline's house at the beginning and provided recipes and charts so they knew what they could eat ffs

    Man, they should really redo this, I for one would love to see the Try Guys give it a whirl 😄

  3. “I am constantly tired and I think that it’s because my body is lacking protein” 😑 Have you ever heard of someone being protein deficient? Probably not unless they are starving and not getting enough food. Plants have protein!!! Gorillas are vegan and do they look protein deficient to you?

  4. They should have chosen people mentally open to veganism or at least a plant-based diet. Its never going to work for those that are already closed off towards it or have their mind pretty much made up to what they think its about.

  5. 4:29

    As honourable as Jen's words are, that's not true at all. People drink cows milk because they are told since they're young they need it. Humour me.

    Who should drink cat milk?
    Baby cats
    Who should drink whale milk?
    Baby whales
    Who should drink human milk?
    Baby humans
    So who should drink cow milk?
    Human??? No. Baby cows.

    Getting milk from a cow means that the female cow has to be kept constantly pregnant so she will lactate. So they shove cow sperm up the female cow so they can meet the demand the industry has. And no meat is "ethically raised" up the animals are slaughtered for human consumption. That is in no way ethical. These are just excuses so non vegans can feel ok about they're diet. Even when they actually are contributing to animal cruelty.

  6. I feel like BuzzFeed should have cooked them some awesome vegan meals before they started so they would have some idea about how to undertake the challenge from the beginning… Instead of a coworker offering a nice home cooked vegan meal at day 26/30… Just saying…

  7. Being vegan is not that bad. I hate that they made being vegan seem awful. It’s absolutely one of the best ways to get the necessary nutrients you need. They’re focusing on how you can get ethically sourced meat instead of doing research on being vegan and happy and living a completely full life

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