Veteran friend commits suicide, so this soldier walks around town with a skeleton on his back

Statistically, 22 soldiers are committing suicide every single day.

For soldier John Newcomb, this statistic was more than just numbers. After a friend and brother in the field committed suicide while he and his wife were suffering through their second miscarriage, Newcomb had enough of watching idly by. He decided that he needed to take action and raise awareness.

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While there was nothing he could do about his own unfortunate circumstances, he decided to raise awareness by walking through the downtown streets of Troy, New York with a skeleton on his back. It was a gesture that sought to memorialize the great men and women veterans who committed suicide after their duty in the military was finished.

He writes on his Facebook page, “22 a day is 22 too many everyday 22 of my brothers or sisters takes their own life, you are never too heavy I will carry you.”


Source: Rifle Bird

One woman, Stacy Kieper, noticed him walking down the street and posted about their encounter on Facebook.


Source: Facebook/Stacy Kieper

While this one man doesn’t have the glamour of multi-million dollar awareness campaigns, his mission was well understood in this Facebook post. It quickly went viral, and Newcomb himself saw it.


Source: Facebook/John Newcomb

There’s a lot of help and care that still needs to go into better aiding our veterans. We are grateful for Newcomb’s dedication to serving his country and doing whatever it takes to raise awareness for veterans who have returned. Even through his own adversities in life, Newcomb has stood strong and is now a shoulder to lean on for the many veterans who struggle with the civilian world.

He’s truly opening eyes one step at a time!


Source: Army Times

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