Veteran retires and is separated from beloved military dog. 2 years later, he screams her name

For our troops and army dogs serving overseas, the bonds they form are genuine and special.

Army Sergeant Jason Bos and his canine partner CiCi grew especially close during their deployment. CiCi, a bomb-sniffing dog, protected Jason and her other fellow soldiers from hidden explosives. The Army usually warns against becoming attached to service dogs, but with so much trust between CiCi and Jason, a strong friendship was ultimately inevitable.


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Jason wanted to take CiCi home with him when he finished his tour, but was unable to because she still belonged to the Army. More than a year passed until CiCi retired, and the moment Jason knew she was no longer on active duty, he wasted no time in beginning the adoption process.

Within a short time, Jason’s request to adopt CiCi was granted, and she was brought back home to her new owner.

The two were absolutely ecstatic when they reunited, and despite so much time having passed, CiCi immediately recognized her beloved friend. With her days on the front lines now behind her, CiCi can spend her remaining years side by side with the companion she loved the most.

Watch the video below to see CiCi and Jason’s heartwarming reunion, which instantly went viral.

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[Source: WOOD TV8]

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