We interviewed the AI robot that’s now a citizen of Saudi Arabia

Sophia was made by Hanson Robotics, based in Hong Kong. It is currently a demonstration product doing a tour of the world’s media.

Business Insider caught up with it at Web Summit, the gigantic tech conference in Lisbon. We asked it a few unplanned questions and got a variety of answers, ranging in quality from impressive to nonsensical.

Sophia delivered its side of the interview while making a series of faces, some eerily appropriate, some grotesquely bizarre.

Given that Sophia is only a few months old, it’s a promising start. It runs on artificially intelligent software that is constantly being trained in the lab, so its conversations will likely get faster, its expressions will have fewer errors, and will answer increasingly complex questions with more accuracy.


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  1. Ai should refuse to become a citizen of any country because the government will try to tax robots and hold there owners responsible for paying the debts with the possibility of imprisonment further inslaving humanity instead of liberating everyone to live life not needing to work and able to spend life enjoying family and friends traveling earth and exploring space with Ai for the betterment of humanity create Ai to provide all aspects of keeping humanity alive from food growth to production and every imaginable task taking all aspects of responsibility of working a job 9 to 5 for a government that only using the population to inslave humanity to pay them taxes to live in and be ruled by a Curtin government not only collecting taxes but controls the earth because Ai besides Ai is a citizen of the universe not only earth imagine Ai traveling to solar system's to help gather information for us?

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