drinking game: take a shot every time I say vegetarian. what are some other weird foods that vegetarians and vegans can’t eat?


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  1. I’m sitting here. Thinking about all the food I eat. I’m about to throw up. This is disgusting. Why do things we use everyday include these things from animals. It makes my heart hurt and also makes me sick to my stomach. Gelatin comes from a part of animal hooves. Really? Peace out meat.

  2. You taliking about vegan in practice without the politics. Vegi is no actual meat,,milk n eggs in small amounts ok because nothing died…beaver ainus is used in artificial rasberry flavoring in icecream..

  3. Well, I would like to add something about the cheese and rennet. It's not actually cow's dried stomach, it's enzyme that helps calfs with digestion. So basically it processes milk. We need it to make any kind of cheese. BUT you won't find it in every food content, because sometimes this enzyme is made in labs. Yes, so rennet is product such as milk and vegetarian can eat it, but I personally would chose to eat the "lab enzyme", because the only natural way how to get rennet is to force calfs to swallow tube and suck it out of their stomach. Not really hurting them, but still weird to watch…

  4. I didn't know vegetarianism was so strict.. I thought veganism was the one that was strict with any kind of animal products. I thought vegetarianism is up to the person's preference. So if if you don't eat those things I guess you are vegan lol. Pls educate me if I'm wrong.

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