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Weirdest Metal Detector Discoveries

Ten Weirdest Discoveries Made With a Metal Detector

Ten Weirdest Discoveries Made With a Metal Detector

A lot of people see metal detecting as an exciting hobby. Fans anticipate the arrival of portable metal detectors so they can explore the outdoors or hit the beach with their tools. They anticipate discovering anything from historical artifacts to precious jewelry. For a large portion of humanity, this has always been the case. While it is now, metal detecting was not always seen as an exciting pastime. There have been some unwelcome discoveries made.

From painted mannequins to human body parts, the adventure has unearthed some of the world’s most peculiar artifacts. In this video, we’ll take a look at some of the most out-there metal-detection hauls ever!

Number 10: Hand Grenades from World War II

Metal detecting can seem like a harmless hobby until you find something that could kill you, like a World War II hand grenade that hasn’t been detonated. The Vlogger known as Silver Steve Detecting experienced exactly this. The YouTuber and metal detectorist claims in a video from July 30, 2016, that he was strolling along a British beach that had been the site of numerous bunkers during World War II. He had gone metal detecting, as usual, that day, but had found something very unusual and potentially lethal: an unexploded hand grenade! 

Thank goodness Steve called the police, who dispatched experts to the scene. There were no casualties because the grenade was detonated by the authorities from a distance. Also, this demonstrates that the hand grenade was never used and posed a genuine danger to beachgoers. It was a time bomb waiting to go off.


Number 9: Bubble-wrapped firearm

The use of firearms is extremely risky. They can be used as a form of intimidation, physical harm, and even murder. Simply knowing this will give you a good idea of how uncommon it is to find a weapon while metal detecting. Nobody gets out of bed one day expecting to find a weapon like this, much less one wrapped in such a suspicious manner. Really, that’s what happened to a YouTuber called Deep Digger Dan. In a 2021 video for YouTube, Dan took his metal detector into the woods to do what he does best: discover interesting things and film them. The day began normally enough. He had thought that the ancient coin he had discovered was the final piece of the puzzle. In spite of this, just as he was about to leave the woods, his metal detector went off, and he unearthed what appeared to be a hand pistol wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t anticipate such sloppy wrapping on a military pistol or one used in good faith. After Dan carefully peeled back the plastic, he saw that his worst fears had been realized: the gun was a rusty wreck. The man did the right thing by reporting his discovery to the authorities by dialing 911! 


Number 8: A Covert Underground Chamber

To begin, people are naturally suspicious of information that has to be kept hidden. As someone who enjoys metal detecting, the prospect of discovering an uncharted underground space can be unsettling. A man 2013 using a metal detector found a hidden room full of stones and old, rusty chains. For a long time, no one could explain the hole’s existence, despite the fact that numerous explanations were proposed. The majority of locals assumed it was a cellar belonging to the deceased landowners’ family. The rusty chains, however, served no apparent purpose. After the family moved out, some people assumed they were given the room as a gift. Others, however, speculated that supernatural events took place there!


Number 7: A Time Capsule from World War II and a Headless Mannequin

Even though metal detecting is meant to be a humorous pastime, it can actually be quite terrifying. This is the story of MetalDetecting24, an online content creator and dedicated metal detectorist. His metal detector began beeping as he went about his business, drawing his attention to a sealed blue cylinder buried in the ground. Curiosity got the better of him, and he opened the can. After first thinking he’d found a severed human head, he realized it was actually a mannequin. It was still painted red and had what appeared to be a knife stuck into the side of its head and held together with tape. Something that looked like a time capsule was stored in a separate lunch-box-style tin. 


Number 6: Bones from a human being

Metal detecting was a hobby that Mike Smith knew a lot about because he was an expert. Using a metal detector was a normal day for him, so when he uncovered an old chain, he didn’t get too excited. A hidden room below ground became apparent as he grabbed the chain and began to pull. With each additional tug, he unearthed new, peculiar designs. The hole’s walls were written in what looked like Roman letters, and they pointed in a certain direction. In short order, Mike came across what appeared to be the skeletal remains of a human being who had been buried for quite some time. Mike, being a veteran who was familiar with the rules governing metal detecting, called the authorities right away. 


Number 5: An Ancient Coin Chest

Metal detectorists frequently stumble upon ancient coins. It’s not common, however, to stumble upon a jar stuffed with cash. Typically, you’ll find a few pieces over there and one or two over here. It wasn’t every day that a YouTuber going by the name “OLAF Treasure Hunting & Metal Detecting Diver” discovered a chest full of coins by the water. The YouTuber went live that day and began metal detecting as usual. When his metal detector started beeping, however, he dug into the soil and found what appeared to be coined from World War II.


Number 4: Lost Treasures Found in a Rock

You can bury your gold or other valuables in a number of places, but I seriously doubt anyone would ever consider a rock  That’s impossible; how do you do it? Someone, it seems, was a daredevil back in the ancient world. Treasure Hunting, a YouTuber, was out and about with his metal detector when he unexpectedly got a signal from one of the rocks. He used his tools to chip away at the rock, and found, to his delight, a cache of hidden treasure. The person who hid the items also left behind some valuable jewelry and other items. 


Number 3: A Gun, Cash, and a Spooky Belt Buckle Shaped Like a Skull

Things unearthed by metal detecting can provide insight into the character of the previous owner. I don’t mean to imply that anyone is guilty, either. But if you discover a firearm, cash, and a strange belt buckle in the shape of a skull, it’s safe to assume that the locals did not approve of the owner. However, a YouTuber going by the name Nuggetnoggin discovered these very items while metal detecting in a river. Even though such objects can be discovered with a metal detector, the fact that they were discovered during the same search and so close together can seem odd.


Number 2: A Gun Is Found by a Treasure Hunter in His Yard

It’s one thing to find an assault rifle while treasure hunting; it’s quite another to find one in your own backyard. A treasure hunter and YouTube creator unearthed something wrapped in a black polythene bag while leveling his backyard. When he opened it, a rifle jumped out at him. He called the police, and they arrived to conduct an investigation as per protocol. An avid metal detectorist would anticipate discovering valuable objects in remote locations. A few lucky individuals, however, manage to strike twice!


Number 1: An Engagement Ring Revealed in a Tree Log

You can lose your wedding ring just about anywhere. But unless someone deliberately hid it, you won’t find that kind of jewelry in certain spots. A tree stump is a good example of this kind of location. The X-Finds channel on YouTube has amassed a massive following thanks to the incredible amount of content it regularly produces about metal detector finds. A wedding ring was retrieved from inside a tree stump using a metal detector in one of the videos shared on the platform. The video’s protagonist is an avid collector, but the wedding ring is the most fantastic item he has ever acquired!


what did you think? Among the list, which do you think is the most valuable? 

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