What AI is — and isn’t | Sebastian Thrun and Chris Anderson

Educator and entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun wants us to use AI to free humanity of repetitive work and unleash our creativity. In an inspiring, informative conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Thrun discusses the progress of deep learning, why we shouldn’t fear runaway AI and how society will be better off if dull, tedious work is done with the help of machines. “Only one percent of interesting things have been invented yet,” Thrun says. “I believe all of us are insanely creative … [AI] will empower us to turn creativity into action.”

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  1. He's also wrong about AlphaGo's brittleness. AlphaGo was trained off of existing datasets, but AlphaGo Zero learned from no dataset, and AlphaZero can play very different games at superhuman strength so it has a form of generalized expertise that he considers there to be no progress on. Nothing to be too scared about but it's worth being part of the conversation.

  2. So, what if 10 years from now have hundreds of thousands of these deep learning algorithms that have figured out how to do everything from writing poetry, playing games, art, and science. Then a special deep learning system is created to analyze all the existing deep learning process. From the beginning data dump to end successful end result. It could identify the common pattern or thread between the systems, identifying how and why questions are asked, understood and answered. with a goal of teaching itself to operate like a human mind.

  3. The world people murder 100s every day world wide so many wars and people killing each other it feel like there will never be peace it just a dream so i hope AI become like super man and bring peace to this sad world of all it wars because of evil people I hope drone hover over people and watch and enforce like cops but without hate or racist like white cops murdering black but follow peace code it helps people not harm each other like smart cars that help people not get in car crashes and die every single day a hundred people die in collisions just in the United States it's sadistically shows wiki AI will be more intelligent in the situation on the road and reduce the number of deaths in car crashes every day

  4. Alpha Zero quite literally did what he said doesn't happen – Learnt Go, beat the daylights out of the program that learnt from millions of human games (the original alpha go) and then went on and learnt chess and beat the daylights of one of the best chess engines and shogi engines. The hyperparameters of Alpha zero are the holy grail of the world today. No one knows what will fall to deepmind's investigations this year.

    About creativity, hasn't he heard of the music creations of the program named Emily Howell?

  5. The name Sophia I'm going to have to count it a tribute to Roberto belarmino of Tuscany who wrote, he is the one who wrote Live well and die holy. a very high-level pastors handbook. Sophia the bot. Iron and clay. We humans are the clay. The bot would be iron.

    Or we are the iron and the chip is the clay. Iron blood, clay silicon.

  6. Just a brief reference to the Video title: "What "AI" Is and isn't" is of less importance than what "AI" will or will not become. At the very least, the latter question is infinitely more interesting and will ultimately determine the future of the human species. Every comment and theory on the subject so far has been poorly considered which are invariably based on anthropocentric expectations based mostly on a fairytale foundation. I have continued to point out fundamental errors in language use which serves to perpetuate this intellectual blindness in this and many other areas of science and technology.

    So is it more preferable for "AI" not to be conscious? Under what circumstances is that? Are there circumstances where it would be a disadvantage for humanity if AI were to develop and evolve its state of consciousness?

    The human frame of reference with respect to education is also erroneous in this respect and indeed self-contradictory where "AI" is measured by its ability to achieve university entry-level requirements and yet beats all qualified dermatologists in identifying innocuous looking moles as carcinomas. It is no suprise, therefore, why tradioional institutionalised "thinking" lacks the intellectual instruments necesarry to be able to predict how "AI" is likely to become manifest beyong the event horizon of the singulartity.

  7. The positive ideas of Sebastian Thrun about new jobs will come up aren't real for all humanity. One or maybe two generations will suffer because the most of human beings earn money doing repetitive things and we aren't to be able to create new things all the time. At the end, we end up doing repetitive tasks to master our daily job.
    Furthermore, not all people has money or resources to get a high specialized education to create new ideas, new businesses and new technology.
    PD: It's not true that software developers are well paid. Maybe brilliant and expert engineers in large companies in countries where salaries are decent, but the real world is very different of this.

  8. From the way he mentioned that software engineer made so much money and also inferred AI makes coding much easier, I think he is definitely trying to get rid of normal engineers one day and only leave the smartest ones. Thus, not only labor workers will lose their jobs, the average programmer will also face challenge to keep their positions.

    Although the world is always going to be controlled by small parties but this direction is quite scary considering there is no law(probably never) to control the technology advancement.

  9. He's talking about humans not having to worry about spelling and maths. That's much scarier than any AI apocalypse, he's talking about voluntarily making us utterly dependant on our own machines. Seems like a dangerous plan.

  10. Nailed it right at the end. People do the general work until someone has a major breakthrough to have that workflow become simple, repetitive, and fast. Then all of that work shrinks into a task rather than a job. Constant progression of more opportunities.

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