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What Happened to the Real-Life Barbie and Ken?

Real-Life Barbie and Ken, and How They Became Toys, Is a Strange Tale.

Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica have spent a fortune on making themselves seem like Ken and Barbie, respectively, and have stirred up a storm of controversy in the process.

Welcome back to News Hub! For today’s video, we’re going to have a look at the hyped-up real-life Barbie and Ken and hear their story. 

Whether you agree with their disproportionate features or not, Barbie and Ken have been influential in shaping the way people think about what constitutes physical attractiveness for decades. Some people have gone to great measures to achieve the appearance of human dolls, or even the real-life Barbie and Ken. Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica are two such persons.

The doll couple may have a reputation for perfection, but they are everything but. Indeed, real-life Ken and Barbie have an ongoing conflict due to their polarizing personalities.


The Barbie-like human: Valeria Lukyanova

The press has called this woman the “human Barbie,” and she was born on August 23, 1985, in Tiraspol, Moldova, a small and mostly unnoticed former Soviet republic. Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova is also an advocate for spirituality and mysticism, which she promotes via the use of her image.

Valeria admits that she often gets comments from people saying she looks more like a doll than a human, but she insists that she had no intention of mimicking the image of the iconic blonde Barbie. In contrast, all she cares about is projecting an image of femininity and refinement. In a coincidental twist of fate, that is also the standard doll picture. She did, however, confess her childhood fondness for Barbie.

When you look at Valeria, it would not be unreasonable to believe that various forms of cosmetic augmentation, including plastic surgery and other procedures, had a significant part in the development of her distinctive appearance. Her passionate denial of the claim that she had ribs removed in order to achieve such a small waistline is an insult to those who made the assertion.

In the past, she has mentioned that one of her future goals is to give up all food and instead subsist exclusively on air and sunlight. It ought to go without saying that no one should really do this, but just in case… Your life span is going to be significantly shortened as a result.

In addition to this, Valeria asserts that she is an alien being and that she has the ability to do astral projection. In an episode of a VICE documentary that she was a part of, she discussed her past existence, in which she claimed to have been both a queen and a spiritual teacher.

To put it delicately, Valeria Lukyanova is divisive among people’s opinions. Remarks she made in recent times directed against people of multiracial heritage have also earned her criticism.

Valeria discussed the evolution of female beauty in an interview with GQ. To illustrate, she gives the example of a Russian marrying an Armenian. “They’ve got a daughter, and she’s adorable, but she inherited her father’s crooked nose. Now that she’s filed it down a bit, everything’s fine. The deterioration we see between groups of different ethnicities now was not always the case. I’m sure you’ll agree that there were plenty of stunning ladies in the post-war era without resorting to plastic surgery. This is the result of deterioration, unfortunately.”

In addition, she claims she opposes feminism and has no interest in having children. “Most people have kids to satisfy their own objectives, not to provide anything,” she remarked. “No consideration is given to what they can educate or provide for this youngster. They strive to mold her into some illogical ideal, attempting to accomplish in her what they failed to do in real life.”


The Real Life Ken: Justin Jedlica

New York native and August 11th, 1980 birth date holder Justin Jedlica hail from Poughkeepsie. Being compared to Ken has earned him the nickname “human Ken doll,” which he finds gratifying despite the fact that he never set out to portray Ken in any way.

One may describe Justin as a “plastic surgery fanatic.” He’s undergone a brow lift, implants in his cheeks and subpectoral region, a gluteoplasty, and augmentations to his lips, chin, and nose.

It has been revealed that this real-life Ken doll has shelled out over 800,000 dollars on 780 different cosmetic procedures. It would indicate that he has no intention of stepping down from his position in the near future.

It just so happens that the streamlined and sculpted form of the Ken doll is precisely what he had in mind when picturing his perfect self. But Justin views his search as an artistic endeavor, and he insists that there is more to his transformation than meets the eye. He believes that this transformation has a deeper importance than is initially apparent.

During the conversation, he remarked, “Some would compare this to the search for God or the ideal man, thinking that Ken represents the pinnacle of masculine attractiveness. In a way, it all comes down to how things appear on the surface. That’s the main takeaway from the title, I’d say. But I wouldn’t say I actively avoided that outcome.”

There will always be trolls, such as those who wonder if his notoriously nonexistent genitalia is an anatomical match with Ken’s. In response, Justin remarked, “Actually, I wish it was dragging on the ground like anime.”

Saying, “I don’t have an issue utilizing myself as the guinea pig,” he was clear that he had no qualms about becoming an experimental subject. To further disguise the true nature of my visits to doctors, I no longer refer to them as “consultations.”

Sad to say, in the year 2019, Justin’s 32-year-old brother, Jordan Jedlica, passed away behind bars. He had been found guilty of burglary and given a 19-month sentence. His body was discovered by authorities unconscious in his cell. The relatives are suspicious about foul play.

With his widespread fame, Justin Jedlica is hoping to raise awareness of his brother’s plight. “This is my little brother,” he introduced. “With regards to my siblings, I am the eldest. To me, it’s like looking at one of my own children.”

When Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica appeared on television together in February 2013, it was the beginning of a very public rivalry between the two.

The human Ken doll was quite harsh on Valeria, claiming that she “presents herself as a real-life Barbie doll, but she is nothing more than an illusion who dressed like a drag queen.”

While Justin Jedlica acknowledged Valeria’s beauty before meeting her, he remarked, “It looks to me that much of her look is extra cosmetics, synthetic hair, and “slimming” corsets… once you wash away all that makeup she’s just a plain Jane.”

Valeria Lukyanova, for her part, argues “He should stay silent on the subject of plasticity. He is a lovely man, but I feel that he went a little far with his lip enhancements.”

Everyone in the doll industry needs to be on their toes so they don’t melt in the intense competition.

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