What I Ate // Extra-Healthy Vegan Recipes

chickpea scramble recipe:

(I used some of the chickpea liquid in place of oil in the babaghanoush.)


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  1. Hi Sarah, Paul here I really love the channel and am getting some great advise and ideas as a vegan for only a short time. As I'm from Dublin I picked up on the shirt you where wearing on your hummus enchilada demo. I hope you were here in Dublin and hope you had a good time.
    keep up the brilliant work and i always look forward to your next vlog.

  2. I Loved the HUMMNAS WRAPS awesome argh i dont like humas its gross but will look into it more thanks for that one ! BTW the SPICY kimichi brand is the worst kimichi that I have ever had it is like drinking a kambucha it is not kimichi at all its so gross i had to give it back worst ever

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