In this video I’m sharing a week of vegan dinner ideas!
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sweet potato peanut butter stew

jackfruit + chickpea “tuna” salad

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  1. Hey Sarah! Love your channel and all your fabulous recipes!! Do you happen to have the printable recipe for the Indian butter chicken inspired recipe? I would love to try it!! Thank you in advance! 😊

  2. Wow, this is amazing. Just made your sweet potato stew. Substituted collard greens for kale and this is phenomenal, thanks for sharing. I could easily see this being fantastic with rice noodles added instead of potato too, kinda like a spicey pad Thai soup/stew.

  3. Please don’t use your mixer paddle with fully formed dough – you can burn out your machine! Once mixed, swap to the dough hook and let it go slow and steady for about 10 minutes. The texture is definitely worth the wait!

  4. Hey Sarah! =) Love all of these recipes! I have a quick question. On the last recipe, the masala dish, you skipped a seasoning. You only said 4 but I see 5. Is that 5th seasoning chili powder or paprika? Love you and thank you!

  5. The seared tofu, pizza, peanut stew, and roasted Brussels sprouts and butternut squash look AMAZING! Heck, ALL of these dishes look amazing! Does the peanut butter have a prominent flavor in the stew? I think anything that tastes very peanut-y would taste delicious!

  6. The 80s called and they want their plate with scattered spices all over it back. It doesn't make a plate look better it makes it look dated. No you make pasta sauce with the can of tomatoes it's as easy as pouring the plain tomatoes on and a can of tomatoes poured on something tastes gross. I can't eat any of this not even for Christmas anyway because my teeth which are Dentures split down the middle last week and being on the disability check from Social Security I am unable to repair or replace so I will have to gum my way through what looks like the rest of my life. There was one place that helped people like me and we called them and they have closed down. 🙁

  7. I got an instant pot for early xmas gift and I think I might even get an air fryer, too. My cooking is so legit now. Thank you for all the inspiration in your videos!! I have successfully done a complete transformation with my health via food and now that I can actually somewhat cook and just throw stuff together depending what I have, it seriously makes such a difference. I just wing it and 90% of everything comes out amazingly nutritious and delicious. Thanks to you!!

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