What If The World Went Vegetarian?

What if everyone became a vegetarian right now?
Becoming Vegetarian for 21 Days:
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Written by Tyler Irving, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown


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  1. After years of fighting skin related issues, and numerous doctors’ advices of changing my diet totally to be vegetarian/ vegan, I decided to bite the bullet and let go of my meat cravings. Have to tell you, one month in and I’m seeing good difference. This is something to think about really. Meat eating wasn’t really helping my health in any way. Causing damage on the long run without you even knowing it. Damn!

  2. I am a vegetarian…. I don’t tell anyone because I’m afraid they will judge me in some way the only people that know is my family and like 2 of my friends my brother and my dad don’t support me every time at dinner my brother tries to put meat in my face and my dad says it is the stupidest thing ever my mom and my sister is vegetarian and so am i

  3. I just try a diet a.different way to eat, leave the milk first and drink soy milk , now I leave the meat and you know? It feels good, I did it when I saw a cow in a farm it was so cute I even pet it and there I felt bad so yeah go vegetarian go vegan go healthy!

  4. I love meat and animals are created to be eaten by us we are the dominant species do you feel bad when a tiger eats a deer ? Its a food chain and we are on top of it and no i dont feel bad about animals being slaughtered and tortured and most importantly i dont care , you not eating meat only means more meat will be available for us 😍 you going vegan or vegeterian will not decrease amount of animals being killed it will remain the same

  5. I say sarcastically that we should make dairy farming and the meat industry illegal as well as hunting and fishing. With no way to generate income from them ranchers and farmers will kill all their livestock in order to maintain their finances…after all livestock costs money to feed, house, and vet bills can ad up and if they are not making the rancher or farmer any money then they are just draining money. You would not possibly be able to rescue and feed every single livestock animal in the US at once.

    Furthermore I say we make killing rats, mice, deer, ducks, raccoons, and prairie dogs illegal.

    Without population control from hunting ducks will overpopulate severely and will eat farmers grain crops, so will the deer, raccoons, rabbits, rats, and mice.

    The rats and mice will spread dieses as would the prairie dogs. If farmers didn't deal with them you'd starve.

    Furthermore if hunters didn't keep the deer population in check a heck of a lot more people would die and get injured in car accidents and your car insurance would go up.

    Hunters are only allowed to take so many of each particular animal we are allowed to hunt. It's surgical. If the population gets to low then we won't be allowed to harvest females and if gets low enough we won't be able to harvest any.

    If an animal is overpopulated they will raise bag limits.

    ……and if there is an overpopulation that is bad enough they might just allow for no bag limit or only issue tags for females. In several States for instance there is no bag limit on coyotes.

    HUNTERS HAVE DONE MORE FOR WILDLIFE THEN ANYONE ON THE PLANET and certainly more then vegans ever have! We have literally brought many animals back from the brink of extinction and have stabilized the population of many others.

     It's us hunters that are the ultimate weapon against poachers and it's us that have been the most effective at raising the population levels of endangered species and of stabilizing the populations of overpopulated species and of eliminating invasive species.

    Not to mention that humans are naturally omnivorous. Veganism is unhealthy.

    All farmers everywhere will lose all their crops and everyone will starve if everyone were to become vegan.

    The deer will cause many more car accidents resulting in deaths, injury, and higher insurance premiums.

    The rice, potatoes, beans or bread that you eat…I can guarantee more animals died to bring you that then that died to put meat on my plate.

    Do you have any idea how many animals farmers have to kill to keep them from eating their crops?

    Farmers have to kill deer to keep their population in check so that they don't eat their entire crop. They have to deal with raccoons so that they don't eat their chickens or their crop. They have to keep the ducks numbers in check because if the ducks overpopulated their crops could be negatively impacted.

    If they don't kill prairie dogs then the holes will cause their cows or horses to break their legs and die a painful death. Furthermore their tractor can flip over if they hit a prairie dog tunnel the wrong way and this can cause them to get injured or killed and pdogs also carry dieses.

    More animals died to bring you your bread, potatoes, rice, and greens then you know. If farmers didn't deal with pests like rats and mice then you would starve…and they would spread dieses.

    Hey vegans every bite you take contributes to the death of rats, mice, prairie dogs, deer, coyotes, and raccoons….even if you eat no meat. Especially if you eat no meat.

  6. Well, i dont mind becoming a vegetarian if we could make "vegetarian meats" cheaper and easier to find. They are so expensive. I love meat, so i cant just abandon it. It would be great if people can make vegetarian meat tastes exactly like the real meat, real fish, real seafood, etc. Nad if they were affordable, i would choose the vegetarian meat over the real meat.

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