What is artificial intelligence? – BBC News

The BBC’s quick guide to artificial intelligence.

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  1. AI has been with us for the whole of human history. You have "thinking machines" all over the place that are smart enough, when you buy a snack, to tell a dime from a quarter and even give change.

  2. It's a shame people don't understand the danger of all this and how it's taking over your lives while you sit in front of a TV screen being brainwashed and you don't even realise it. It's all about eugenics and how you tick, where you go, who you talk to, what you eat, everything, your all just one big experiment.

  3. something similar has already happened, the Internet! 1 massive worldwide bioelectrical brain!
    Human being biological brains digitaly enhanced brains connected and being kept occupied with everything from politics to games, how to do it yourself to pornography
    Whilst the new answers are being formulated at least
    it's keeping those many once difficult teenagers off the street! lol

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