What It Really Takes to Burn Off the Calories of These Celeb-Loved Halloween Candies

You did it! You planned out that ultra-festive Halloween costume, you killed it at the gym this week and now it’s time to party like you mean it.

By all means, let loose, but before you dig into that cauldron of Halloween goodies, here’s something to keep in mind. Did you know that it can take up to two hours at the gym to burn off an innocent bag of Starburst? According to Madonna’s trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, brainchild of the NW Method, fitness can be just as satisfying as those sweets.

Treat yourself, but life’s a balance, right? If you need help reeling it in ahead of your weekend festivities or if you want to plan ahead and torch calories before you indulge, we picked six celeb-favorite candies and asked Nicole to tell us what exactly we’d need to do to offset confections with a healthy fitness routine.

The Celeb: Kourtney Kardashian likes Kit Kats (because they are delicious), but what’s more interesting is how she eats them.
The Candy in Question: Kit Kat (about 218 calories per bar)
The Fix: “Do 100 reps of each of these moves three times through: turned-out mountain climbers (knee rotates out), hydrant side lifts (100 each leg), squat jumping jacks, side-plank pulses (100 each side) and high knees (100 each side),” recommended the expert. 

The Celeb: A nutty chocolate bar seems like a substantial snack (more so than other sugary candy, anyway), so makes sense that Rihanna would prefer these to fuel up on. 
The Candy in Question: Snickers (215 calories per bar)
The Fix: “Jump rope to your favorite playlist and incorporate toning movements—1 minute jump rope and 1 minute toning,” said Nicole.

ESC: Reese Witherspoon, Halloween Candy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Celeb: Who can blame Reese Witherspoonfor favoring the very candy that shares her name? 
The Candy in Question: Reese’s Pieces (there are 234 calories in a quarter cup)
The Fix: “Reese’s Pieces is a candy combo of fat and sugar,” according to the pro. “The best workout is a waist-trimming combination of dance and toning. Try the Waist Trimmer workout on NW Church live streaming.”

The Celeb: Does it surprise you that Amber Rose‘s Halloween candy of choice is equally as pretty as it is sweet? 
The Candy in Question: Swedish Fish (7 pieces contain about 150 calories)
The Fix: “Swedish Fish is high in sugar and low in fat,” noted the fitness expert. “Glucose is the first thing our body burns for energy. To burn off a pack of Swedish Fish, walk up a [treadmill] hill at an incline of 15 percent and a speed of 3.5 for 25 minutes. Steady state cardio induces a slow burn of fat and can rid her body of that extra sugar.”

ESC: Vanessa Hudgens, Halloween Candy

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The Celeb: When it comes to the combo of chocolate and peanut-y goodness, Vanessa Hudgens is all for it. 
The Candy in Question: Butterfinger (275 calories per bar)
The Fix: “[Do this] Chair Workout video—using props with high intensity burns calories and provides the after-fat-burn effect (when the workout is done, you will continue to burn fat,” suggested Nicole.

ESC: Halloween Candy, Katy Perry

Tristan Fewings/WireImage

The Celeb: Starburst might just be the cutest candy on the planet, so it’s only appropriate that California Girl Katy Perry would have a sweet tooth for the colorful squares.  
The Candy in Question: Starburst (eight pieces contain 160 calories)
The Fix: This one is easy.Walk on a treadmill at a 15 percent incline and 3.5 speed,” said the pro. 

Yikes! This info might just be scarier than Halloween itself. 

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