What to know from Cavs’ 118-115 overtime loss to Spurs: ‘Hey, Joe!’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Following the Cavs’ 118-115 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in overtime, fans asked beat writer Joe Vardon:

  • How much do the Cavs’ need a backup point guard? (Here’s a hint, their second unit was eviscerated Saturday night, 17-2 to start the second quarter and 12-1 to begin the fourth.)
  • Will Iman Shumpert start in the playoffs, given how well he’s played with the Cavs’ starters? He scored 11 points against the Spurs on 4-of-8 shooting.
  • Are the Cavs missing J.R. Smith more than anyone cares to admit? Hey, the Spurs were missing Pau Gasol and Tony Parker and got the job done.

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