What Vegans See | A Video For Non Vegans [NOT Graphic]

Ever wonder why vegans are so sensitive about things? Or why we seem to overreact so often? As a vegan, I’ve made this video in an attempt to show non-vegans what we see that makes as behave as we do. This is not a judgment and it’s not graphic. It’s simply one vegan sharing what I see in an attempt to help you make that connection, or at least understand the connection we vegans have made. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. For further resources and information: or see list of videos below.

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Do You See What I See:
Why Are Vegans So Sensitive?:
Pets Vs Food Animals:
Through Vegan Eyes:
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  1. It is good to know your agenda and advocacy. Iam a vegan too and so i feel you as vegan and non-vegan does. We humans have flesh as animals does. Why do we make markings and cuts on our bodies? Do you think it is not cruel to ourselves? what would you think your creator react? Veganism is a fad.though it is ideal to eat veggies No offense to the real practitioners of Veganism. I sense that a lot of vegans are false practitioners in the sense that they are blinded to their cruelty towards their ownself and other much important things than physical food

  2. For all you vegans let me tell you why I am annoyed by you. You all think you are sooooo cool and nice to animals only to realize that your killing to. Veggies can feel pain!(well, obviously not the cooked ones). Your killing these veggies that have families and dont want to be turned into a house salad. So you see, we are ALL killers. (also its human instinct to kill)

  3. just a tip but try to have abit of a fun side to youre video's,allot of people especialy the ones you wanna reach are not looking to view a depressing video they want something informative and interesting and of possable a little upbeat.

  4. I'm a vegan. And before I was I was getting really annoyed by the people being annoying saying how the animals were treated but. When you are a vegan you hate seeing
    People eating animals so you just cant keep
    It in not saying anything but.
    I'm very proud to be vegan.

  5. I’m a vegetarian making as many vegan choices as I can but family and friends say that they are annoyed by me and everything I say about the environment and eating animals. I need help talking to them and inspiring them to become a vegan or vegetarian

  6. I agree with some of the things you say but I also think that vegans can't judge non vegans. It's just like religion.. we're not allowed to force our beliefs on others. You can live the way you want to but you can't tell me that the way I live and the way I see things is wrong. I would never go telling you how unhealthy being vegan really is and that vegan diets don't provide you all the vitamins your body needs.. I keep my opinion to myself, I don't get overly sensitive if someone doesn't want to join me for a burger at McDonalds.. I love animals to death but that's how people are supposed to survive.

  7. yall are so weird. in all honesty i do not care if someone is vegan,if my friend is vegan,I'll check vegan recipes and cook for them and do my best. however,yall act like we're murderers. and yes,despite your absolute effort to make this video emotional,it just. isnt okay. if a vegan starts crying because im eating a cheeseburger, well sorry,but that's on your goddamn fault. it's not okay to guilt trip your friends and family into veganism. it doesn't seem absurd. it IS absurd. stop acting like a victim.

  8. I am now (almost) vegan since a week, and I've been vegaterian since june or may or so. But last week, I asked myself "if you had to choose between a newborn chicken and a newborn baby: one of them would live, the other would die. which one would you allow to live its life?" and half a year ago I would've said the newborn baby, I mean, it's a human right? but now I just couldn't choose… I knew I had to choose the baby, but I felt terrible for the newborn chicken…. is this too extreme? are there anymore out here who just can't decide? please let me know, I have no idea why that is so hard for me

  9. I can see all of that and I admire the driving force of your dietary decisions, but I am sorry you cannot accept how evolution forged us. If you want to fight for animal rights, which is a very noble fight by the way, do it as long as no human right is violated and that includes depriving people from getting a healthy balanced diet, specially children and people that simply cannot lead a healthy life with a vegan diet because of genetics. Fight for the animal to be given a happy life before it becomes our food, but don't ask people to literally deny their own human nature.

  10. It took me a while to see. But when I finally understood, it felt like my heart was ripped out. It wasn't until I went to the zoo, to say "awww look how beautiful or cute", then go home and have it on my plate, did I realize the contradiction in my life. I'm not here to judge, but when your heart and mind becomes open, you'll see what I mean.

  11. ….I became vegeterian a year ago after watching a documentary… I think it was called "food factory"…. I hadn't thought about animals life before that (well…. I was young…. I ate what my mom cooked without thinking about that and I was separating "meet" and "animal"….)… And reading a manga called Tokyo Ghoul made me thing again about "what's the difference between killing a human and killing an animal? The one is forbidden and the other allowed….." And in that manga, the thing was that the creators called ghouls couldn't eat anything more than humans, even if they wanted to. In the other hand, humans have the option to avoid eating animals……..
    But I am 15 and I don't know what I should eat….. I am still eating cheese, eggs and drinking milk, I am not sure if I will keep being healthy if I stop doing that…. And my parents don't help, they just tell me to eat "properly" (they are telling me to eat meet)…

    I think I have to search it more….. :/

  12. I'm confused. Why does the number of calves born and removed (as few as 2??!!) have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of dairy cattle and cause them to "give up", but this doesn't happen among beef cattle? Perhaps the issues among dairy cattle (particularly holsteins) were due to poor genetic selection, similar to certain pedigree dog breeds.

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