thought I make this video to motivate you to drop your excuses and make it fking happen in 2k17!!! GO VEGAN FOR THE ANIMALS THE PLANET AND YOUR HEALTH 🙂 It has never been so urgent and it has never been so easy to make the transition…

inspired by

Gary Yourofsky

Joey Carbstrong
Paul Bashir
Melanie Joy
Anonymous for the Voiceless



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  1. This isn't even how animals are processed… do you really think that they grind baby chicks? That doesn't make sense. And beef isn't made from dairy cows. Cows (steers, technically) are scared not because they know what's coming (they couldn't know) but because of the structure of the trucks and the tight fits.

  2. I have wanted to be a veternarian my entire life, I have resentlhnbesm diagnosed with lactose intolerance. After I was told this I looked up going vegan instead because I love animals. This video moved me and i think you made me make my decision

  3. the circle of life if you swim with a croc guess you get eaten even vegan animals try hanging around a cape buffalo, hippo,killer chimps,their are thousands animals out their that would kill you in the wild hunting and eating animals is ok

  4. I gave up meat long ago now because I was already headed that way anyway. I just concisously finished animal products from my life.

    Here's the short version of how this all happened…. Back when I still bought meat it would sit in my freezer so long it went bad. So I was wasting money on something I obviously didn't want (so illogical wasn't it that's what I thought!) and not only that the very last time I made something with meat. It was spaghetti. The whole time I was cooking the meat to make the spaghetti I kept thinking this smells bad. I thought it had gone bad, but it hadn't. That's when I realized all those times before I had also thought the same thing "this smells bad" boom it hit me what I must do now. My logic for my own personal experiences….I was already eating 12 oz of meat a month or less and no meat months at a time anyway all because I wasn't wanting or craving it. I was actually forcing myself to use it because I didn't want to be wasteful. I laugh now because that was the logical lie I had heard all my life from anyone about justifying eating meat. Well I wasn't eating it & I couldn't afford it either. So it was only logical to be finished with meat & I was done like that & haven't looked back. The largest factor personally for me why I did it & that made it easier to do so & stay… The ocean, my greatest love is those waters & its creatures. Everyone has that something that you would sacrifice anything for well I knew what mine is. I care for the whole earth, but the ocean draws me the most. I am glad this video addressed the ocean too! There is a saying I have loved since a young child. I am a very intelligent, aware, logical, & observant person even as a kid. I couldnt stand it how someone as logical & intelligent as myself got sucked into this mess in my early life. I quickly made peace with it because I see in society the dissasotiantion can happen to anyone & does.
    This saying below makes up a large part of my core self & my exact thoughts & how I have always seen the world & how people in this world really should see there relationship with the world…..

    "For what is man without the beast if all the beast were gone Man would die from a great loneliness of the spirit for whatever happens to the beast soon happens to man."

    My favorite saying ever! If you love it your welcome to keep it too.

  5. I'm saddened by this video. To be sincere, I went vegan 2 months already, but not because I want to save animals, no! I went vegan for heath issues, because all my lifetime I been a hard core meat eater, and it started to take a tole on my body, but never in my life I thought animals were put in that situation in order to have a juice stake, or a burger! Now I'm very sure that I will never go back to eating any type of meat, or animal products. I'm definitely sharing this video and I would like to thank you for sharing.

  6. I disagree with only one thing said here. Human body is omnivorous. We are built to eat both. Spleen used to be for when we ate raw meat. Our canine teeth are built to rip and tear meat. It's biology. Don't be ignorant.

  7. Thank you for making this video! I would like to share it on my Pinterest if that’s okay. It’s done very well and it’s definitely a message that needs to be heard! Living and loving being vegan strong! 🌱💪

  8. First of all, thank you for sharing this video. I've been a vegetarian for over a year now and I'm excited to be a vegan for life. This video was graphic, but it inspires me to make a change and make the world a better place for all earthlings. Thank you. 🙂

  9. This is what I hate vegan is basically a lifestyle of being healthy and not dying from a bad illness at a mid age level veganism does not seem to be like PETA if you keep on doing this people won't give a s*** just say that veganism is to keep you living longer agent slower which is been proven and not f**** dying of a heart attack

  10. I started crying when they shot the horse. This is absolutely appalling. I have been vegetarian for 2 years and I’m warning myself to Vegan. I’m sick of this. God said that humans could eat animals, but I know that he never intended for them to be raised in tiny cages, shocked into submission and they are born to die. Not fair at all.

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