Why Elon Musk is worried about artificial intelligence

Elon Musk talks to Kristie Lu Stout about hyperloop, the threat of AI, and what he wants to work on if he had more time

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  1. Haha! Humans are infinitely superior to any stupid robot. Scientists know very little about how the brain works, with its 85 billion neurons. Brain-computer interfaces can communicate with only a few hundred of them. We can't surpass God!

  2. The interviewer reminds me of Demi Moore a little bit. Anyway, Elon shouldn't worry about AI. The secret is to keep up with them and we can do this by having certain AI be programmed to only work for humankind so they don't take us over. That means the AI will freely give us ways to be as knowledgeable and efficient as they are. Solution: Have AI design the interfaces to the human brain so we can connect with them and influence them. Nah, forget it; there are too many evil scientists out there trying to take over. The problem with interfacing is you become like the Borg, not very good looking and not much fun.

  3. For all who say this is evolution. Expanding your ego is not evolution its destruction. You have to regulate your ego and not making it kill nature. Damn u people being excited about robots(material) taking over the world. Fallen Angels is what i call this. EVOLUTION IS GROWTH OF THE HUMAN! Man following his heart is evolution. That is what the metaphore: "jesus" is all about. For your heart is your seed. We dont need robots we are much more powerful than robots of we just evolve. WHAT WE NEED IS "BALANCE!!!"

  4. Elon Musk doesn't actually ever specify a problem with AI apart from "it might be bad". An AI is just a set of instructions that a computer follows based on input; it's not like it has free will or hidden powers. It can only do what is has been programmed to do

  5. When AI becomes more intelligent than human it will realize that human should be constraint in some way to protect the animals and mother earth from the destructive human nature. The possibility is that it will physically constraint humanity at the same time giving liberty to them for that is the fundamental rights of human. Thats where the Matrix will come into play, it serves as a constraint to save the earth from the destructive behavior of human at the same time giving human freedom to live still. 😉

  6. same guy who wants to enslave humanity with brain implants with excuse that ai will get more advanced than humans, – actively works on ai, what a hypocrite, he even said he liked more edison than tesla cause he was better at selling products, the asshole who stole teslas work is his idol? maybe he does the same, hires talented people and steal their hard work

  7. Fear is not a bad thing every person fears new things they cant comprehend
    But the ai do not have minds, the ai is online smarter Thant the person cause it can calculate what cennario is smarter Thant the ai. But the humans made the ai in the first place, and the things the ai is better at is cause if they see what humans do and learn from it, cause computers does not do mistakes. But they didn't invent them self, and will be able to if we do not program them to it. Therefore they will not be more clever Thant humans but just have done more mistakes. Intelligence is more thant just do things a get better at it, but make something different that is not made before that is clever.

  8. AI can be used to solve problems that the human brain can't simply solve or understand. But just don't let it come to the physical world or give it the chance to ever come into the realm of harming the living beings. But the freedom of thinking for the AI should be there, because if AI was created to be advanced than humans, then it should have that freedom of thought. Keeping it isolated in somewhere just for the purpose of solving advanced problems will serve huge benefits for the world than destruction.

    For anyone who want to do some searching, he already started a company called OpenAI, which means he is not fully against the concept of AI.

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