Why I Became a Vegan (My Journey To Becoming A Vegan pt. 1)

In this video I explain why I decided to try going vegan. My journey to becoming a vegan part 1. I hope I can inspire more people to be more health conscious.
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  1. Great job. Ive been vegan for 20 years and a couple of times I went to eat fish but always went back to veganism. I will always stay on this. The animals deserve to live and as long as we know we are addicted to flavor than flesh it's easier to do. It's a courageous step and hope you and your family can embrace that. It's the best. Be the example and trust me at age 46 I still get carded and you guys will stay young and healthy. Be blessed to you and your family. Peace.

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  3. Thanks for the inspiration, yesterday I saw a video about the cruelty to animals and to be honest that's really what has motivated me today to make it the first day Of trying a Vegan diet. I hope also that's this journey it helps me spiritually, mentally, and physically. You go girl Ive watched you for a few years and love how your journey is unfolding. May God continue to bless and prosper you.

    Ok so after reading more comments, I had to come back to add to this post to encourage my fellow sisters others and say Yesss I'm also a WOC and we need to all get our health game on point so we can be our full potential.

    It applies to all humans and I'm not into segregating stuff as such , but after research and a few of those documentaries and how we as a people often get left the crumbs I think this will just help create more awareness of our need to take care of our temples as well as the sad to say modern day "civil rights " issue we face around food.

    And if it also helps some animals along the way I am down!

    Love it keep posting

  4. Girl you looked great after having your little bundle of joy! Look how flat your stomach is and I don't see not 1 stretch mark! You did that! What's the scoop on being flawless after pregnancy just like you? I have my notebook ready lol

  5. Thank you so much for ur video.
    I use to be a raw vegan while competing in powerlifting and cycling. about 2 years ago I started a trucking company so while driving my self and running the company my self I quit working, started eating crap and picked up smoking. so as result I gained 60lbs of fat and got addicted to cigarets. it's ruining my marriage since I come from religious background and I noticed I'm very easily irritated. so I'm looking through YouTube and stumbled on ur video and it inspired me to make changes. I'm driving home and it's 3 am and I threw away my pack of cigarettes and starting right now I'm going back to bring a raw food vegan. so thank you and wish me luck

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