Please do your best to watch until the end. You can adjust the speed in with the settings button. This is a very serious topic… vegans & mental health…Why vegan diets are wrong on many aspects (long term) & why it makes many of them go crazy. (Part 1 video “I Don’t Want To Be Vegan Anymore” Many vegans don’t want to admit that they have these thoughts. With not eating meat for over 10 years, and being vegan for 5, I don’t see much discussion about these points I bring up. I respect vegans so much because (most) do it for good intentions: to make their body and world a little bit better…But how long down the road do the cons begin to weigh equally with the pros? Is there a reason no culture or civilization has ever successfully stayed 100% vegan? Veganism is an internet trend; if it wasn’t for the internet, I guarantee that 90% of vegans watching this wouldn’t have learned about it in the 1st place. So it’s safe to say this is all relatively new. With 10 outspoken vegan doctors, 5 outspoken plant-based nutritionalists…against the 1,000,000 “balanced omnivore” nutritionalists & doctors….who do you believe? When do you listen to your body? How long do you ignore deficiencies? Why are our genes different? Why do people fail on vegan diets? How many times to you change your vegan diet…and for how many years? My ethics are telling me not to eat animal products, but my mind and body is telling me that I need them. After trying various “healthy vegan diets” for years, I now find myself trying to convince myself that ethics don’t matter when it comes to biology. I’m going crazy. Please help me. I appreciate it if your comment is kind. Thank you.
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  1. My dad is vegan and it's the only thing he preaches to me about. I'm a little chunky after having kids …… And he blames it on me not being vegan….. he blames cancer….on not being vegan…. I feel like animals are here for us to eat.. I'm sorry…not For fun. Not for pets……… but yea sorry venting on your comments.

  2. See here's the problem, plants are plants and don't have the mind to not kill each other because that's all they can do for survival, animals kill other animals because that's how they survive but see i have no problem with meat I like meat it's when you don't appreciate the life your eating. That's what gets on my nerves. It's sick how we as humans make excuses to kill unnecessary such as hunting and such. Vegans just push their belief on people which no one likes, but I do agree with them on some aspects.

  3. Everything is NOT for everyone I’m happy your at least honest with yourself. U could be preaching about how u a vegan and be eating meat behind closed doors. I agree some people do treat their diet like its their new religion. I have seen it be a catch 22 when people change their diet they get healthier I also seen people who become paranoid and think everything is bad for them and gonna hurt them.

  4. That's right Nick it's survival of the fittest b***!! At the end of the day if the regular supply of food is ever depleted we can all go find those drum circles that the vegans will be sitting around trying to chant their way out of being eaten by the rest of us. But we're coming for you you vegan b***** so be ready!! and I'm going to bring my BBQ sauce….

  5. well said i been plant based for like 1 month and i feel like i am losing my memory some times i forgot stuff and pain on my Hart and my feet hurt this is not working for me and i eat 🍞 bread alot and tortillas.good video thanks bye.

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