Why YOU Should Become Vegan: The Facts

If you’re asking yourself “should I go vegan?”, this video is for you – Why YOU Should Become Vegan. Adopting a whole foods, plant based / vegan diet is the best thing you can do for your health, the animals, and the planet. Transitiong from a standard American diet to a vegan diet can help prevent and reverse many common western chronic diseases, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, help make better use of resources (land, water, food, etc.), and decrease the suffering of animals. This lifestyle is the best thing for the people, for the animals, and for the planet. Go vegan!

• Watch “Forks Over Knives”
• Watch “Earthlings”
• Watch “Cowspiracy”

• Read “The Starch Solution”
• Read “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”
• Read “The China Study”
• Read “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes”

• Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Vegetarian Position Paper (New paper currently being revised):
• Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets:
• Leading Causes of Death:
• Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death by Dr. Michael Greger:

• Channel Trailer:
• My Vegan Story:

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Hello, YouTube. I am Bananiac. I am a vegan, a YouTube content creator, a dietitian, a foodie, a cyclist, and an earthling. I post weekly videos about health, fitness, weight loss tips, whole foods, plant based nutrition, high carb, low fat vegan recipes, cycling adventures, VLOGS, and interviews. Welcome to the channel!

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  1. how is being vegan making a positive impact… For millions of years, animals have hunted and killed each other for food, and not doing so would result in a majorly fucked up food chain. For example, if we stopped eating shark, they would then over populate, and hunt too many fish, which would then lead to a drop in population for the fish. Once those fish deplete, the sharks would have no food, leaving them to also die. The food chain can adapt as it has for human, and being vegan simply makes it worse for those "poor little animals". Food chain bitch.

  2. I promise I'll turn to a vegan the day I'll have the large choice of vegetables and fruits that you have In the US or UK or any country where there are some people embracing veganisme, but for now, it's IMPOSSIBLE. In my country , everything is super limited, for example, if I want fruits, I can only buy oranges and apples, and NOT everyday, and don't even think about vegan milk, vegan cheese, etc.

  3. "The foods humans were desinged to eat and have been eating for 1000s of years." If i do my calculations right the first vegan was in 1944 and it is 2017 2017-1944=73. And how does 73 equal 1000s of years.

  4. i dont get how its crawl ok say if you were a cow would you A. get killed quick painlessly B. get your thought riped out by a fox or predictor or C. get poisoned for 3 days and die slow and painful depending on the toxin its so ironic how some vegans do it because it good for "mother nature" when nature does it in the most brutal ways possible

  5. Vegans are no less guilty then meat eaters. By being vegan they support the clearing of land for crops, which requires the destruction and murder of thousands of innocent wild animals that were simply just trying to live. Also, crop farmers continue to trap and kill any animals gophers, voles, moles, deer, ect. Also burrowing animals that damage and destroy roots. Foxes, badgers, snakes ect. At least meat eaters actually use the things they kill. There is no less shame or guilt in being vegan.

  6. I don't understand vegans…even if a big group of people rise up and become vegan, they are not gonna change the fact that the cows were murdered in the first place…not picking up that meat in the grocery store is actually worse for animals because they just died and are going to waste. Yes some of societies meats are…questionable on health but if you actually do your research on good meat and where some sources of food are coming from, could change the outcome of this. Statistics of people getting cancer with meat is a no duh, more people are not vegan, so of course its higher for the people the meat people! Look, if someone is vegan just because they don't like meat or they love veggies, that's fine, but the fact some people think its healthier by shady liberal statistics and the lie that makes it seem like your helping the world, are the things I can't stand. I like to be what we were made to be…omnivores. Plus animals know nothing about whats going on, as long as they die a quick and painless death, I am fine. Slow and painful deaths are inhuman and do need to be stopped, and replaced with a more efficient way of killing.

  7. First of all grain and carbs are the reason people get fat because when you eat carbs your body releases insuline that takes them and stores them as fat. Animal protean on the other hand burns off as you go about your day.Vegans think they are better than meat eaters because they aren't using or eating animal products but in reality they are killing more plants, the plants that were meant for animals. So by their logic they think they are making a difference by not eating animals but in reality those animals will be killed anyway so they are just being unhealthy and loading up on carbs and sugar. And also how they get these 'facts' saying that if you eat meat you will get heart disease….. Anyone who promotes anything can get mindless statements from the Internet and that does not make it true, I'm sure there are websites on the Internet saying that if you do exercise you aren't making yourself healthier or something silly like that. So my point is that being vegan doesn't make you healthier or a better person

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