Wife Swap Star Charged with Killing Mom, Brother

Jacob Stockdale, perhaps recognized by a handful of readers due to his appearance on the reality show Wife Swap, has been officially charged with the murder of his mother and his brother.

The horrifying alleged incident took place in June of 2017, as written about in detail HERE.


According to TMZ at the time, the 25-year old took the life of his two relatives inside their family in Stark County, Ohio.

He then turned the gun on himself, but actually survived the self-afflicted blast.

Jacob’s 54-year-old mother, Katherine, and his 21-year-old brother, James, were both pronounced dead on the scene when authorities arrived.

A well-known fiddler, Stockdale and his family were featured on Wife Swap in 2008 and he was placed in critical condition after the failed suicide attempt.

He was under doctor’s and rehabbed for months to repair extensive damage after the probable double murder.


In the latest update to this horrible story, orosecutors in Ohio charged Stockdale with two counts of murder, per TMZ sources.

However, they will NOT seek the death penalty, specificially asking a judge not to have Stockdale executed.

Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero says the case was presented to a grand jury, which ultimately decided the death penalty was not an appropriate punishment for this ex-reality star.

We still do not know why Jacob (allegedly) committed this unimaginable crime.

Jacob Stockdale Photo

Back in 2008, the Stockdales made headlines for their appearance on Wife Swap.

Jacob and his relatives described themselves as a deeply religious family who lived by strict rules, not totally unlike The Duggars.

Jacob has two other brothers and a father; they were not home at the time of this homicide.

The dad, Tim Stockdale, issued a statement about his late wife not long after news of her death went public.

It reads as follows:

Kathy has been my beloved wife of 32 years and a wonderful mother to our four sons.

She loved nothing more than being a mother and grandmother. She had a strong love of learning and was passionate about her Christian faith, natural health, and organic farming.

This is a photo of Kathy:

Kathryn Stockdale Photo

Stockdale faces up to life in prison for his reported actions.

The Stockdales made their living traveling throughout the Midwest, performing as a family bluegrass band.

They were a popular group around town and in the vicinity of their home and performed together mere days before this tragedy transpired.

May Katherine and James Stockdale rest in peace.

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