Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?

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  1. Artficial inteligence, the biggest threat to mankind, why!?
    To program a machine as a human being, you first need to understand what mind really is! It means we have to find laws and rules that not only machines have to follow, but humans too!!!
    ……………………… Hm mm, very scary?!?!?

  2. "our greatest creation could be our last"-so true. i can GUARANTEE something HUGE WILL happen in the next 10 years(maybe not AI take over,but something big), my gut says it and it never lies! and to be fair,if ants wanted to attack humans, they do outnumber us by ALOT, like 100 TRILLION,so they could probably do it if they tried. And humans are CRAFTY, it would be a long war,but just like in the movies, EVENTUALLY, the AI will be taking down AFTER we are forced "back to our roots"(cb radios,depending on and counting on others,teamwork,etc…) lets hope an AI is NOT watching this video,or youve just given it more pointers on how to out maneuver us 🙂 and the final "upload" to the "digital realm" you described kinda sounds like what might happen when we die,in a way,right? awesome job with the video.

  3. Okay, think about this aswell, something so extremely more intelligent than something else, think about being a human compared to 1 ant, what Would you do, you Would look at the Ant, the ant Would pose a threat cause It just bites you and you Would get irritated, you wont give a fuck about that ant Will you? And we compared to general AI are the same thing, It wont seek to exterminate us, But It Will kill the ones It see, Cuz we are annoying, and there is No reason for there to be a good AI, what use do you have of a ant, you Could put It in a jar for fun or something, But Why Would you try to share knowledge to a ant? Everything you know and then what the ant knows and It doesent even get It, AI Would basically have control over us without Killing us and there wouldnt be much we Could do, till we do try something and thats like the ants stealing loads of sugar from your kitchen, then thats like getting that anti ant poision to exterminate those pesky ants.

  4. I have a theory there is probably another planet out there with life that lost control over Its AI in terminator style and that Alien AI is extremely intelligent and might know How to evolve warp intelligens and is now calculating all life forms in nearby universes trying to gain full control and extermination of all life.

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