15 Pictures That Make it Clear That Having Kids is the Worst

Parenting is a noble and necessary institution.

To many the apotheosis of a life well lived, becoming a parent is a huge decision and one that should never be taken lightly, for obvious reasons.While there is no one size fits all approach to being a good and responsible parent, there are endless handbooks on the subject, and new parents will attest that their contemporaries inundate them with advice from the moment the pregnancy is announced.

While parenting does seem to grant a sort of gold card to social acceptability as we get older, it clearly isn’t an institution meant for everyone. There is a certain nobility, one feels, in abstaining from the act of having children if you feel incapable of, or uncommitted to, the act of raising a child.

Once one does decide to take the plunge into the emollient waters of parenthood though, the real challenges begin. Baby names, baby food, nappy changing, sleepless nights; it’s a metaphorical minefield out there for new parents, and not one you would wish to navigate in an ad-hoc fashion.

In fact, these pictures might put you off having children for life; be warned, you may never feel the same about parenting again.

1. When they draw portraits of you


2. Or they give you the cold, hard truth

3. Even naming them will make you feel like a nasty piece of work

4. That’s enough to make me tap out

5. When even their more thoughtful moments become expensive

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