27 Hilarious Tweets That Made the Election Somewhat Bearable

Is it just me, or is everyone all politics-ed out at this point? The past 18 months or so have seen some incredible changes in global politics, with the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union in June of 2016 followed by the American Presidential Election, where Donald Trump eked out an electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton. After crucial displays of democracy in the Netherlands and France, attentions turned back to the United Kingdom, where the British people voted in a snap election.

It wasn’t all bad, though; there were some pretty interesting tweets that made us laugh and helped us to forget the excruciating pain that is a general election, if only for a little while.

1. A quick way to get Theresa May drunk


2. Honesty is the best policy

3. “I see any cops, and the country gets it. Understand?”

4. Jeremy Corbyn with the tunez

5. He must be so fun at parties

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