18 thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that your significant other will absolutely love

Saying “I love you,” with a gift doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, homemade gifts are the best way to make your Valentine feel special because they truly come from the heart. Here are 18 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other.

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Why I Love You Jar

Take a jar and fill it with different colored strips of paper and write down the many reasons that you love your S.O. on them. Decorate the jar to make it look cute.


Pick Out All the Marshmallows For Them

Everyone knows that the best part of Lucky Charms are the marshmallows. Your love will know how much you care for them if you take the time to fill a jar with just marshmellows.



Source: Etsy

Bake a Heart Cake

Make a square cake and a round cake. Cut the round cake in half and place each half on one side of the square in the shape of a heart. Frost the pieces together and add some sprinkles on top. Read the full heart cake tutorial here.


Source: Hints and Tips

Sticky Note Bomb Their Mirror

Place sticky notes with love messages on them in the shape of a heart on their mirror.


Source: No Biggie

Say It With Nutella

NOTHING says I love you like Nutella. You can carve a heart shape into a freshly opened Nutella jar or place some Nutella on a piece of toast in a heart shape.



Source: Buzzfeed

Make Them a Personalized Mug

Everyone loves a good mug. And that goes double when it is personalized. Take a mug and a permanent marker and draw whatever you want on it. Then put it in the oven at 350 ° F for 30 minutes.


Source: Her Campus

Booze Bouquet

Just about everyone wants booze. Tape some shooters to a wooden dowel. Then wrap some undies around them. Put a piece of foam in the bottom of a flower power and stick your dowels into it to create a bouquet look. Then put some filling to cover the foam.


Source: Pinterest

Heart Pizza

Make a heart shaped pizza and use a scissor to cut out heart-shaped pieces of pepperoni.


Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

If they don’t love you now, they will after you make them these cookies. Take Oreos and wrap them in cookie dough and throw them in the oven. You’ll find the directions here.


Source: Picky Palate

Make a Snuggle Huddle

Snuggling is for lovers. Make a special snuggle space so you’re S.O. feels all warm and cuddly inside. All you have to do for this one is put some cozy blankets inside an inflatable pool with some pillows.


Source: The Dating Divas

Create a Candy Love Letter

All you need is some poster board, a paint pen, double-sided tape, and candy to make a card that someone will actually want.



Source: The Wow Style

Candy Button Dot Wall

Get all Willy Wonka on your loved ones by taping strips of button candy to a wall.


Source: Minted

Fancify Their Favorite Snack Food

Take their favorite treat to the next level. To make these fancy Oreos just add some extra frosting into the sides of the cookie and roll it in some sprinkles.



Source: So Creative Things

Be Poetic

Make an arrow bookmark and point to a line in a book that reminds you of them. You can learn how to make the bookmark here.


Source: Onlemon

Coffee Bouquet

Is the love of your life a coffee person? Tape some chopsticks to coffee pods and toss them in a vase with some candy.



Source: Instagram

Make Some Mint Bourbon

Take a bottle and put at least seven springs of crushed mint into it. Then pour bourbon over it and let it sit for one to two weeks, then take out the mint.


Jar of Red Starbursts

Red Starbursts are the best Starbursts. Fill a jar with red Starbursts (you can add pink ones if you need to) to let them know that you only want the best for your baby.


Source: The Home I Have Made

Make a Coupon Book



Source: The Wow Style

Make your significant other a book of coupons so they can cash in special favors.

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