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The Quest For Fitness

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  1. I have been vegan for 4 years man and yes I am healthy and I am giving my body what it needs and I am still alive people needs to take veganseme more seriously animals are being harmed abused and turreted because you let your fucking mind control you when your mind is created for you to control your body and no I don’t believe there is such a think as a cow being killed nicely how is that if you are taking a life from it without asking animals are created to live just like us and mils is made for babie cows and just babe cows enough just like your mothers milk is made for you and just for you just imagine your dog being abused and turreted what would you do you wouldn’t let them and ohh yeah did you know that your meet has the amount of vitamins and protein animals have yes it’s true actually but the really question would you eat humans if like some people say I only eat animals for my health and my body meet can cause heart disease and cancer harming animals need to stop and fast and you can stop it now stop letting ur minds control you stop it.

  2. Completely wrong. Please guys, don’t listen to them, they don’t know anything. If you know how to eat right, you will be fine and very healthy. Absolutely no one I have ever known that was vegan got any illnesses from it. And that’s not what a chronic disease is.., do your research

  3. I've been a Vegetarian ever since I was in the womb except for the fish I survived on, I'm thirteen and I am living proof fish is vital although I don't like to eat it anymore and I prefer eggs as a substitute. People always confuse Vegetarians with Vegans but the only reason I'm not thin is because of the grease so I'm at a good weight.

  4. Y'all should see these vegans at work. They can barely do 12 hour shifts. I wish I could avoid hiring these guys. Weak, slow, sick all the time, I need these officers to work 12-20 hours. These vegans can't even last 12. Eat your meats

  5. When I went to Mexico this summer, it is really difficult to be a vegan because there’s no Meat alternatives, there’s no tofu, there’s no tempeh, soy and almond milk are really expensive.
    It makes it really challenging

  6. I am working on becoming vegan have been for 6 months very close to it but not there yet but my problem with veganism is judgment many ppl like myself come to this life style for other reasons than ethics and ppls judgment because will and does drive ppl away and many ppl don't even want associated with that kind of judgment vegan "ism" as a movement focuses on animal well being first and foremost and if we made the focus on human well being first we would attract more ppl into this lifestyle and animals would benefit more as well the idea isn't about eliminating animal food industry that will always be but the more we attract to this lifestyle the less meat industry profits more and more ppl will see ppl they know become vegan and I am one of those that doesn't know not even one vegetarian personally and have never even met a vegan personally but seeing ppl around you that you personally know seeing thier health change for the better ppl aren't watching YouTube videos unless they are thinking about it or want to understand the diet of someone they personally know take the judgment out you reach more ppl willing to open thier mind eating habits should not be about a political agenda I have heard so many say the seen this documentary or that and never ate meat eggs or honey again well it's easier to convert ppl to a religion that is vegan most 7 th day Adventist are vegan ppl that are looking for a healthier life are afraid to become vegan they don't want thier family and friends to feel they are judging them not all vegan ppl are using the phrase plant based when it means the same not every one understands that vegan unfortunately has become a dirty word because vegans want to crusify you over an egg while trying to transition some of us don't just cold turkey our eating habits many vegetarians are actually vegan because they don't want to be seen in that kind of light BTW I love your videos just had to rant about why there aren't more ppl interested some ppl think it's too hard others it's judgment issue

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