22 Things Only People Who Hate Waking Up Will Relate To

The typical adult needs around seven to eight hours of sleep, but when it comes to sleep, I’ve always known that I’m extraordinary. When the day breaks and sunlight trickles through my window and I can hear the birds singing with the dew fresh on the morning air, I am consumed with an immense sense of dread. It’s the morning again, my bed and I must part ways again; the time we spend together never nearly enough.

To say that I’m not a morning person is a bit of an understatement. Society says that we’ve all got to jolt awake in the morning in order to attend school or work, but I bet there are many more like me who have to fight back tears whenever their alarm goes off in the morning. As we while away the hours until we can safely return to the Land of Nod, let’s have a look at these pictures that perfectly encompass our waking struggle.

1. Contemplating life itself

2. Netflix has stolen so much of my sleep

3. And even when I do get to bed on time, my mind is racing too much for me to doze off

4. Every time

5. One alarm is never enough

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