Big Brother Recap: Who Won Immunity From Eviction?!?

Big Brother’s summer of temptation is still tempting the houseguests with some new and crazy offers to remain in the game. 

As always, they do come with a price, and the latest twist illustrates that perfectly. 

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

When the episode got underway, the houseguests were shocked about Jessica revealing her power live on-air. With the other houseguests questioning what the power means, Jessica could only muster that it keeps them both safe for “a few weeks.”

In the Diary Room, the VIP Concierge revealed that while the Hex only worked once, Paul did not need to know that and her plan was to make him think that the power would last for more than one week. 

She wanted it to put him off nominating her because he would not have wanted to have a wasted HOH. Paul is smart as hell, and he immediately told the others that he would be calling her bluff to see if she was lying. 

Jessica Graf

While the rumors were swirling, we got to see a crazy flashback from earlier on Ramses’ eviction. It showed Josh banging pots and pans to cause trouble for Mark. Poor Mark was trying to sleep, and Josh did not give him a break. 

For what it’s worth, Mark managed to keep his cool, but the dude tested the patience of the houseguest. 

When we returned to the house, Mark and Elena were not impressed at being left out of the vote and voting against the house. 

“I’m pissed,” Elena tells America.

“I was absolutely excluded. People I was working with that I thought I could trust in this house literally lied to my face.”

Mark felt the same, and tells Cody, “I’ve become an outsider.” Does Mark not know he’s been an outsider for, like, ever?

Mark Jansen

The funny thing about all of it was that Cody revealed to Paul that Mark definitely wants to work with both of them. 

Maybe Cody is smarter than he looks and was using it as a tactic to subtly get Mark on the block because why not?

He and Jessica want to refrain from using the hex for as long as possible. The other houseguests decided it would be best to go for Cody and Jessica to find out the truth about the hex. 

Paul said Mark and Elena could go on the block if Jody were removed. Paul then old Elena to cut Mark off because he was destroying her game. 

“I did not leave my life to throw my entire BB game away for a guy I met 40 days ago,” Elena admitted to viewers in the Diary Room. 

The houseguests were then told about the temptation challenge, and Mark, Jason, Alex, and Matt participated. 

Matthew Clines

Mark won the competition, securing his safety for the week. Jason was the third nominee because he came in the last place. 

When it came to the nominations, Paul put Jessica and Cody on the block, and now everyone thinks Jessica was lying about the details of the hex. 

So, we know Jessica can halt the eviction, and we fully expect her to. Is it the best move for her game if the house is going to evict Cody?

Probably not. Jessica managed to repair a lot of relationships during the time Cody was out of the game. 

What do you think about all of this? 

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