Can You Find the Word ‘Dog’ in the World’s Hardest Word Search?

I’ve always liked word-searches. They have a reputation as one of the easiest of word games, and are often associated with children more than fully-grown adults. But regardless, I still love them to bits. I wouldn’t touch most other word games, nor can I get much out of a Sudoku puzzle unless it’s the smaller, nicer, junior version of the game.

I have given in and come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to get to advanced level, or even intermediary (I might just complete beginner level) in these games, but word searches remain just the right difficulty for me to give them a try once in a while.

I can ponder over them for a short while, but the answer is always close at hand. It’s about perception more than anything else, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that really stumps you. At least until now. This particular 14-by-14 word search is extremely difficult, and all just to find one solitary word.

he word you’re looking for isn’t long, complicated, or spelled in a peculiar way. It’s pretty simple. In fact, it is only three letters long. The word at the centre of this punishing puzzle is ‘dog’. Can you spot it?

Many have struggled to find the simple word amidst a sea of D’s O’s and G’s. As it turns out, the smaller the word the harder it is to find. The more letters there are in a word the more options there are to look for, but with only three to go by, this ends up being far more difficult than you would expect.

Word searches (aka word find, word seek, word sleuth or mystery word) have grown in popularity since the 60s. The puzzle was created in the US state of Oklahoma in 1968, starting off as as an ad in a newspaper and having their own section in no time.

By this point in time there are entire magazines dedicated to them, and they are prolific in the education system. They are great tools to help teach children spelling, as they have to search for words letter by letter. But even young children usually don’t have a problem spelling “dog”, so this is down to the distracting jumble of similar letters to sort through.

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