Gonna leave a mark! Eric Swalwell claims anyone criticizing Baltimore is ‘trashing America’ and talk about a Twitter BUTT-kicking

If you were wondering why Rep. Eric Swalwell actually sagged out of the 2020 presidential scoot seek no further than the content of his tweets. Well, that and his sad interrogations on various report outlets plus his threatening to nuke millions of Americans, but his tweets are truly’ humor gold’.

Take for example this tweet which starts out with,’ Hey haters …’

Hey haters, Baltimore is in America. If you’re defending @realDonaldTrump by pointing out what you think are flaws of Baltimore, you are trashing America. America is not just the places you like or looks just like you. It’s the places you’ve never seen& the people you’ve never met.

— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@ RepSwalwell) July 28, 2019

Awww, Eric is still trying so difficult. Poor guy.

And HOLY CRAP, give us a crack. You can most certainly criticize a Democrat-run city for being a dump( and many of them are, sorry , not sorry) without trashing America. We get onto, he was white knighting for Baltimore but all he genuinely did was make it easier for us to tease him.

This might come as a startle to you, but you can BOTH enjoy America/ your person Americans AND point out the flaws of cities that have been run into the ground by those who were elected to protect it in the hopes that they can improve.

Crazy concept claim?

— Tim Young (@ TimRunsHisMouth) July 28, 2019


Read up. Pointing out the corruption that has literally looted the citizens of Baltimore, is not hating Baltimore. The mayor was forced to resign under dishonesty accusations. Less than 10 year ago another mayor renounced after being imprisoned of embezzlement. Both Democrat. https :// 33 KKZhN6H 1

— The Morning Spew (@ TheMorningSpew) July 28, 2019

Yeah, dude, read up.

Maybe we could find Eric a representation diary?

Aren’t those flyover states full of terribles you was intended to nuke over gun control America more Mr. 0 %?

— Bocephus (@ lordthx1 139) July 28, 2019

You miss the point, @RepSwalwell. It is the gov’t waste and fraud that failed the ppl of Baltimore. Not Baltimore citizens. True rulers specify spring crusades. Swamp ogres make the politically expedient move, and fix nothing but their crony’s purses.

— Truth& FreedomWarrior (@ Hyetek) July 28, 2019

Lol, wut?

— Joe Pilot, MD (@ JoeSilverman7) July 28, 2019

We ask ourselves that about Eric’s tweets on a daily basis.

No, we’re consider the shiftles, do-nothing Democrat, who guided these cities, accountable.

POTUS is discerned on with his criticism.https :// Mj67KBNVZz

— Princess Consuela Bananahammock (@ SckNTyrd) July 28, 2019

We are agreeing the people of Baltimore deserve better than that their leaders are doing because we stand with them as fellow Americans. We fantasize the same of the cities in your territory like San Francisco that need massive repair. Get off twitter, and get to work.

— Jessica Fletcher (@ heckyessica) July 28, 2019

Get off Twitter and get to work.

Great advice.

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