Hot Celebrities With Their Equally Gorgeous Stunt Doubles…

How is it that we recognize all these faces, but they are not the people we think they are? Well, if you look closer, you might realize that these are in fact all the incredible stunt doubles of celebrities, and some of them are just as good looking – or even better.

Yep, we’ve compiled a list of the twenty hottest male and female stunt doubles, with their acting counterparts. It’s time to get a real look at who we are really watching on screen when these characters are doing cool flips, motorbike stunts, jumping into thin air or apparently saving the world…

1. The Hottest Celebrity Stunt Doubles

We thought we would give you a little taster before starting it all off, so get ready to get excited about some of these absolute hotties. You thought there was only one Tom Hardy in this world? You were wrong. Do you wish Emelia Clarke was attainable and not totally out of your league? Well check out her stunning stunt double…

NEXT: Let’s start off with a favorite of mine, shall we?

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