Judges are confused when 8-year-old asks for a cup, rise in applause when she sings with it

Eight-year-old Larissa looked a little peculiar walking on stage with a cup in her hand during her audition for Season 2 of “The Voice Kids,” where children from Germany show off their talents for a chance at superstardom.

The audience probably had no idea that she would end up completely stunning the judges with both her rhythmic and vocal talents.

Not only did Larissa surprise the audience with her talent, but also her song choice. She chose an American song “Cups” which is rare for a German TV show.

Cups is a version of the 1931 Carter Family song “When I’m Gone.” The song made its way into modern days after it was performed by Lulu and The Lampshades on YouTube in 2009.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

It became super popular after Anna Kendrick performed it in the film Pitch Perfect in 2012. It’s also become a popular song for people to sing on YouTube a capella using cups to provide the percussion.

Larissa’s version is extra special, however.

She is filled with spunk and personality as she walked out on stage while the judges had their back turned. Larissa, who was the youngest contestant on the show that season, performed the song with the confidence of someone who has been singing professionally for years.

Larissa’s adorable voice instantly charmed the judges. It took mere seconds before the first judge slammed his buzzer and whipped his chair around.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

The more Larissa sang in her sweet voice, the more the judges fell in love with her. One judge even held her hand over her heart over how smitten she was with Larissa during the blind audition.

Then, one by one, the other judges swung their chairs around. Larissa’s family was jumping for backstage.

“Mom having a damn near heart attack, calm tf down lady,” said one commenter on YouTube.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

Not only did Larissa charm the judges but plenty of people on the internet as well. The video of her performance received more than 56 million views on YouTube.

“This small girl is very talented for her age,” said another YouTuber.

“I love her voice replay all day.”

“She is the cutest thing ever she should be famous.”

Though Larissa didn’t win that season of the voice, leaving that to 12-year-old Michéle from Lampenberg in Switzerland, we hope to see Larissa and her impressive talents again.

You can watch the video of her heartwarming performance below.

Source: The Voice Kids

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