Russian Artist Sums Up What Instagram Is All About (6 Pics)

If you use Instagram regularly, you are probably familiar with the scenario. Someone has traveled to a scenic neighbourhood, let’s say Rome. They want to show their partisans all the beautiful displays in the everlasting metropolitan- The Vatican, The Spanish Steps, The Colosseum.

But do they, really?

Usually traveling together with a long-suffering friend( who is mostly there to be a personal photographer ), they faithfully tour the well-trodden path, gaping not for historical and cultural inspiration but something far more important: a photo opportunity.

They are feeling cute today!

First stop- The Colosseum. Carefully positioned to ensure that other people cannot be seen in the picture( it’s important to give the impression that this well-known tourist trap was just’ discovered’ by the influencer ), directions are barked out to the’ friend’ with a frown.” Take it from a lower slant, my legs glance longer that practice !”

Then, in an instant, the sudden transformation to pose- sultry hearts, cheeks protruding, butt out. Cheese!

And so this ancient and atmospheric amphitheater- formerly used for savage gladiatorial struggles at the height of the Roman Empire- is demoted to background fodder; a merely prop used to amplify yet another inane, formulaic photo of a yawningly uninteresting person.

A quick glance of countless an’ influencer’ note presents a similar decoration- most of the photos are just elaborate excuses to show off a pert backside, or a charming smile.


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