‘Savage ratio’! Oven mitts won’t keep you from getting burned by this scalding hot WaPo take on ‘white Americans,’ ‘black athletes’ and O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson joining Twitter has helped spark no hotter of does than this Perspective op-ed in the Washington Post:

Perspective: Twenty-five years ago, O.J. Simpson demo white Americans just how conditional their convenience with black competitors was https :// v8FUdssGTv

— The Washington Post (@ washingtonpost) June 17, 2019

Oh my.

This is a reasonably savage rate. https :// levyVSyrqA

— Crotchety Old Nathan Wurtzel (@ NathanWurtzel) June 18, 2019

It’s pretty epic.

If you can’t( or don’t want to) get past the paywall, Newsbusters has a summary:

That’s quite an assertion. Can the author, Phillip Lamarr Cunningham, deputy media studies professor at Quinnipiac University, back it up? Nope. And he doesn’t even try. It’s simply an excuse to slight black athletes who are insufficiently race-obsessed.

From the Perspective in the Post 😛 TAGEND

The car chase, coming in the middle of the fifth play of the NBA Finals, cast a brief gloom on what had been a watershed moment for black jocks. To suggest that Simpson marred a decade’s worth of goodwill toward black athletes would be an overstatement. But Simpson, arguably a major source of this goodwill, certainly made clear the conditions white Americans put on their goodwill, even as the nation’s greatest pitch-black players continued to thrill and amaze.

You can probably guess what came next, in addition to the eye rolls:

Call me crazy but my consolation with ANYONE is conditional on them not being a murderer. https :// NlJZNPAvDZ

— Bridget Phetasy (@ BridgetPhetasy) June 18, 2019

Translation: Washington Post imagines black Americans would totally support a murderer. https :// 11 ba6QGfrH

— Ian Miles Cheong (@ stillgray) June 18, 2019

If you live long enough you’ll experience everything.

Apparently those of us who didn’t approve of a inhuman double-murderer getting apart with roughly beheading his wife and a viewer are the problem https :// bggF0 62 n1B

— Buck Sexton (@ BuckSexton) June 18, 2019

Nice try on that race thing, bruh XmWDSMLRfP

— ShredderGirl (@ ShredderBabe) June 18, 2019

Just keep make your role to get @realDonaldTrump re-elected in 2020. I swear we are really want him to win

— James Hilario (@ Jameshilario7) June 18, 2019

Come on, man.

— Rich Weinstein (@ phillyrich1) June 18, 2019

It’s 3:47 in the AM and you’re watching Positions. If you’re just now joining us we’re discussing OJ Simpson and the conditional comfort of white-hot sports fans. https :// RfBnOTHRsC

— mitrebox (@ mitrebox) June 18, 2019

Yeah, murder will do that. Clowns. https :// Kqh8sSbCdU

— Sean Agnew (@ seanagnew) June 18, 2019

If it was Fran Tarkington or Tom Brady all parties would have been just as upset. This headline is ridiculous and disgusting racebaiting. https :// 9D7zEGtnu3

— Chris Loesch (@ ChrisLoesch) June 18, 2019

* How provisional their comfort with pitch-black jocks who slaying beings. https :// DomdhbayZK

— The Reagan Battalion (@ ReaganBattalion) June 18, 2019

Not Exactly … and ceasing to establish OJ a event. He’s a murderer and should be in prison

— Reaganette (@ Ezinger4 4) June 18, 2019

“Phillip Lamarr Cunningham is assistant prof of media studies at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.”

Of course https :// QGw3EAL 2Lr

— Orange Muppet Energy (@ sunnyright) June 18, 2019

Every hot take has its predictable elements.

Damn white people and locating their “comfort” level with beings on whether or not they devoted a doubled slaying. https :// 5gPJ7kaXn9

— Derek Hunter (@ derekahunter) June 18, 2019

Who writes this trash? https :// ihvO7pHyAq

— Benjamin Weingarten (@ bhweingarten) June 18, 2019

I was too young to remember it, but I feel like this headline buds out a key item. https :// 0e6gbvFBPk

— Hatch Act Holden (@ DrewHolden3 60) June 18, 2019

Most of us here at Twitchy are old enough to remember, and yes, the floor does bury the lede quite a bit.

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