There’s A Way To Find Out Who’s Been Stalking You On Facebook

Say what you want about it wasting our free time, but Facebook is still the most prominent social network in the world and I for one will never be able to give it up. As a communicative tool it’s simply indispensable, and it’s made staying in touch with friends that much easier. In fact, in hindsight I know that I’d probably have a lot less friends and move in far smaller circles without it.

But for some people (my mother and my ex included) Facebook isn’t a way to stay in touch, but rather an Orwellian tool of surveillance – a way to keep their all-seeing eye fixed intently on the profile of their friend, enemies, crushes, and that spotty kid that was in the same high school biology class as them.

Yes folks, I’m referring here to the creepy phenomenon of Facebook stalkers. These are the people who could be browsing through your profile right now without your knowledge, sampling webcam photos you took back in 2009 with a level of obsession and dedication that could probably get them a job with the CIA. I don’t know about you guys, but the idea that somebody could be spying on me like that gives the a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

But we’ve got some bad news for all those Facebook stalkers out there. Facebook’s latest update could well spell the end for the practice, and it includes a new feature which can allow you to see exactly who’s been stalking you.

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