Tomi Lahren: Fired From The Blaze, Still Hot on Instagram!

Tomi Lahren – whether you love her or hate her or the very sound of her voice causes you to jam the nearest sharp object into your ear until your vision starts to go all blobby and colorful, you've got to admit one thing:

She is very much a thing that exists, and at the tender age of 24, she'll almost certainly continue to exist for quite some time.

Sure, Lahren is in the process of being fired by The Blaze but like a many-legged insect or a T-1000 that's been reduced to liquid metal, she'll pop up somewhere new in no time.

That's bad news if, like most people with consciences and educations beyond fourth grade, you find Lahren's politics abhorrent.

But there's good news, too:

You see, there's no such thing as a shrill selfie, so you can enjoy Tomi's (mostly) apolitical selfies guilt-free!

Check out some highlights:

1. Tomi Lahren: But Her Emails!

Tomi lahren but her emails
Tomi Lahren WILL beat every Hillary joke into the ground whether you like it or not! Except she got fired from TV, so now she’ll be doing so on Facebook alongside your racist uncle.

2. Tomi Lahren and Dog

Tomi lahren and dog
Tomi Lahren poses with her dog. This is one of those pics that’s meant to convince you that she’s human. Don’t fall for it.

3. Tomi Lahren Post-Workout

Tomi lahren post workout
Tomi Lahren after a long run. She must’ve been trying to escape her own contradictory statements.

4. Tomi Lahren Topless

Tomi lahren topless
You were probably expecting a different angle on this photo. See, we caught your attention with an inflammatory headline, but failed to deliver any substantive. It’s a tactic we learned from Tomi.

5. Tomi Lahren Bikini Photo

Tomi lahren bikini photo
Tomi Lahren in a bikini. We guess those reports about her melting if she makes contact with water were exaggerated.

6. Tomi Lahren Modeling

Tomi lahren modeling
We’re sure if Tomi were slut-shaming a female celebrity, she’d make some snide comment about her lifting her skirt. We won’t do that. Hey, so THIS is what the high road looks like!

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