Cat spends 20 years in basement after getting abandoned, is somehow able to love people

This cat hadn’t seen the sun for over 20 years. When her owner left without her, she was forced to find shelter in the basement of their apartment building in New York City. The super of the building has been feeding her ever since she was abandoned, but years passed without anyone ever volunteering to give her a new home.


Source: Honest to Paws

Finally, Anita Diamantapoulou moved into the building and noticed the cat’s condition.

“Hi, kitty. Wanna eat?” she asks, filming the old cat as she skulks around the basement. However, what started out as suspicion quickly becomes affection.


Source: Honest to Paws

“She doesn’t want food. She wants to be pet!” Anita exclaims in surprise. Sure enough, the cat foregoes its food bowl for head rubs.

After she’s won over the cat, the Anita takes a look around the basement.

“This is where she’s been living all these years,” she says sadly.

The cat sits on a filthy mat, seeming unsure about her new friend.

“This is her bed, look how dirty it is.”


Source: Honest to Paws

Suddenly, Anita decided to take the cat’s situation into her own hands.

“So I found out about this cat after I moved into the building a few months ago, and decided to take her out of here,” the Anita says triumphantly.

“We’re going to the vet!” she told the cat.

“I couldn’t keep her, but my friend decided to give her a forever home.”

The cat, now looking well-groomed, steps cautiously onto a hardwood floor in what seems to be a bright, open house. Along with her new abode, she has a new name: Granny.

“This is going to be your new home, Granny. You like it?”

The vet confirmed Granny’s old age and said she has a tumor that needs to be removed. She has a few other health issues, but will be fine once she gets them taken care of.


Source: Honest to Paws

After some time spent hiding in the bathroom, Granny eventually adapted to her new surroundings. Her circumstances have changed, but she still loves a good head rub, and she’s always grateful for the attention.

What’s next for Granny? For now, she’s preparing for an important surgery so that she can live out her golden years happy and healthy. No matter what happens, at least she wakes up in the sunshine every morning. Check out the video to see for yourself!

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