These Are the Most Misspelt Words in Every State, According To PornHub

Predictive text in search engines is so accurate by this point that I probably make more mistakes now than ever before. It’s fair to say I’m used to seeing that “Did you mean …” message pop up by this point. Knowing that I will be corrected makes me a little lazy and rushed with my typing, ending up with some truly odd and hilarious typos in the search bar by time I hit enter.

It turns out the rest of the world is pretty similar, as proven by Google last month. The top search engine trawled through their data to find out what the most misspelled words were in the US, and order them by state.

Now, not one to miss out on a joke, PornHub has followed in their footsteps. The hugely successful adult website has shared the spelling mistakes that most often find their way into their search engine.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s infamous ‘covfefe’ typo, PornHub decided to play along and show us what exactly the country’s adult film viewers were thinking, and the kind of mistakes they made in the process. What’s more, the website has ordered these words by state, giving a variety of bizarre insights into the minds of citizens across the country.

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