OBGYN is about to give birth, realizes another woman needs help and delivers her baby first

Being a doctor is a difficult career choice.

These compassionate individuals are constantly at the forefront of disease and tragedy, working long hours every day, constantly ready to leap at the sound of a 2AM emergency call. For many of us, the strain and stress of the average doctor would be unimaginable— medical emergencies take a break for no one.

One Kentucky doctor is demonstrating just that after unexpectedly delivering a patient’s baby just minutes before going into labor herself!


Source: New York Daily News Screenshot

The Kentucky doctor, Amanda Hess, was at the hospital preparing for the birth of her daughter when she overheard the hospital nurses discussing a predicament.

In a Facebook post describing the event, Dr. Hala Sabry writes:

“While [Amanda] was getting into her patient gown to prepare for her induction and delivery, she overheard the nurses preparing for a woman in active labor who needed to deliver immediately because the baby was in distress.”

The doctor on call was on the way to the hospital, but there wasn’t enough time to wait.

Amanda’s husband was the one who heard the initial commotion. Amanda tells WKYT-TV:

“My husband actually said, ‘It that a woman screaming?”

Amanda, a doctor of osteopathic medicine with certifications in both obstetrics and gynecology, knew that she needed to help— even despite the fact that her own contractions were only mere minutes away!

She quickly got into action, telling WKYT-TV:

“I just put another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room.”

By sheer coincidence, it turns out Amanda actually knew the woman giving birth.

It was a patient she had seen for a check-up a few days before. The woman, Leah Halliday Johnson, was immediately relieved to see Amanda’s face and be able to begin the birthing process.

Leah has since told WKYT-TV, “I feel very lucky [Amanda] was there and the type of person she is to step up to what she did. We really appreciate her.”

Immediately after delivering Leah’s baby, Amanda gave birth to her own— a daughter named Ellen Joyce.


Source: Dr. Hala Sabry/Facebook

In her Facebook post, Dr. Hala Sabry writes:

“Doctor moms consistently take care of their own families as well as their patients and their respective families all the time. Great job, Dr. Hess!”

Great job, indeed.

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Source: WKYT-TV

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